The Complete Collected Poems

The Complete Collected Poems For the first time the complete collection of Maya Angelou s published poems including On the Pulse of Morning in a permanent collectible handsome hardcover edition

  • Title: The Complete Collected Poems
  • Author: Maya Angelou
  • ISBN: 9780679428954
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the first time, the complete collection of Maya Angelou s published poems including On the Pulse of Morning in a permanent collectible, handsome hardcover edition.

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      Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Ann Johnson April 4, 1928 in St Louis, Missouri, was an American poet, memoirist, actress and an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement In 2001 she was named one of the 30 most powerful women in America by Ladies Home Journal Maya Angelou is known for her series of six autobiographies, starting with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, 1969 which was nominated for a National Book Award and called her magnum opus Her volume of poetry, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water Fore I Die 1971 was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.


    1. What I like about poetry is that it is never completely read Like the Akshaya Patra Inexhaustible Vessel in the Indian Epic Mahabharata, which keeps on delivering food no matter how many times one approaches it, a poetry book will keep on supplying food for the intellect In every new reading of a favourite poem, you will find something fresh to appreciate.I read this book by Maya Angelou after I finished the first part of her biography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, because I was impressed by [...]

    2. I ordered this book the day I heard about the death of Maya Angelou this beautiful hard cover book was delivered the very next day in which I dropped all of my other reading, The Good Lord Bird, to experience the world of poetry by Maya Angelou What a wonderful book filled with some of her most popular poems like Phenomenal Woman and Still I Rise, but also of lesser know poems which should have a place along side the popular ones These poems are varied in themes about relationships, family, love [...]

    3. His lidless eye slid sideways,and he rose into my deepestyearning, bringinggifts of ready rhythms, andhourly wound aroundmy chest,holding me fast in tautsecurity,Then, glistening like diamonds strewnupon a black girl s belly,he left me And nothingremains Beneath my leftbreast, two perfect identical punctures,through which I claimthe air I breathe andthe slithering sound of my own skinmoving in the dark I ve had this collection for three years and somehow at the end of each year, I ve always revi [...]

    4. She came to my college to give a lecture Unfortunately, as I was the night circulation supervisor in the library, I couldn t go But my favorite literature teacher, Helen Cullins Smith who was the lady responsible for Ms Angelou s coming gave her the poem I d been inspired to writeHelen came into the library the next day and gave me an announcement that Maya had signed said Wanda Lea Write On I m still reading her works.

    5. I hold Maya Angelou as an icon in my mind, a source of wisdom and grace This collection also reminds me that she was a brilliantly passionate, even angry, black woman I was sometimes uncomfortable, often moved, driven to read lines two or three times and always, always in awe That s good poetry.Plus, my very favorite Angelou one liner Does my sassiness upset you

    6. Maya Angelou writes with rhythm, verve, anger, celebration, sexiness Her poetry is measured, balanced, and rhymed, and it carries the music of her spirit Whether defiant, empowering, confrontational, sensual, or accepting, each poem is an anthem.Personal favourites include Caged Bird, Preacher Don t Send Me, On Working White Liberals, Still I Rise, and Equality EqualityYou declare you see me dimly through a glass which will not shine,though I stand before you boldly, trim in rank and marking tim [...]

    7. I love Maya Angelou and was so sad when she past away.I don t read poetry usually but loved Maya Angelou s work and loved hearing her when she recited her work While reading this I could image Ms Angelou reciting it in her beautiful deep voice that had so much character to it A range of subjects from rights of a people a gender to spiritual beliefs Beautiful

    8. Sacrilegious to give this less than 5 stars, I know, but the problem is that the collection is a little too complete It ranges from stunningly insightful, the hauntingly melodic, to the embarrassingly adolescent And unfortunately, not all the adolescent stuff is that early GreydayThe day hangs heavyloose and greywhen you re away.A crown of thornsa shirt of hairis what I wear.No one knowsmy lonely heartwhen we re apart.I don t care if this is about mooning over a missing lover or a loss of faith, [...]

    9. This book is a collection of poems by Maya Angelou I am reviewing the poem Phenomenal Woman.This is a poem that states how phenomenal women are It describes how powerful women can appear to those around them We can catch a man s attention by the way we walk into the room or the way we stand It reminds us that we are phenomenal because we are strong, able to take care of so many other people, take care of our homes, our families yet able to have careers Women are phenomenal because we can do it a [...]

    10. With the passing of Maya Angelou, I decided to read some of her work which somehow I had missed previously I finished I Know Why a Caged Bird Sings earlier this summer and now I have finished The Complete Collected Poems Like any collection of poems, there are some that I like better than others Some of my favorites include Pickin Em Up and Layin Em DownPoor GirlPrisonerSong for the Old OnesPhenomenal WomanMenOne More RoundAmoebaean for DaddyHuman FamilyWhen Old Folks LaughWhile Angelou will not [...]

    11. This is beautiful Having read I know why the caged bird sings , I was interested in picking up some of Angelou s poetry, and chose this collection on the recommendation of my mother Angelou s use of language and form is refreshing and striking, and her boldness in addressing topics such as race and sexism is admirable My favourite poems came early on in the collection, and were mostly shorter pieces that seemed to give a snippet into Angelou s mind in a very relatable, lovely way, but the collec [...]

    12. As with all collections, my rating refers to my overall impression, an informal average In this set of poems, I found several which I loved for the rhythym rhyme, several others I loved for the content Others I found stirred up my feelings, which I admire and are powerful but disturbing Only a few left me uninterested.I would strongly recommend this poetry, especially to women Angelou has a strong feminist voice as well as a voice for African Americans She captures the anger as well as the pride [...]

    13. This is truly a wonderful book that is good for the soul I had read many of Maya Angelou s books before, so had read many of the poems before Yet, as I read through them all with this reading in less than a day I found myself once again inspired, moved, touched, and so much I am sure I will return and read this book a few times.

    14. Angelou s poems are like songs that tell passionate, personal stories She speaks with depth and intimacy She uses the vernacular of black American heritage to reveal ourselves to us, our humanness, in all its frightening, shameful, mysterious and wonderful aspects Powerful and involving.

    15. A poem by Maya Angelou anytime is a fine good read Very now and then I like to take a big huge dose of her great work.

    16. I don t own many poetry books, but this is one of the few and a rare jewel among them My favorite poem is I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, since it s meaning is different for whoever reads it.

    17. Some good, some bad Or maybe it was a case of some okay, some bloody amazing I d recommend reading those from And Still I Rise and go from there.

    18. I think the book is much better than what I gave it credit for However, I had a hard time understanding a lot of the poems and therefore I couldn t like it as much But the ones I understood were great

    19. Stunning and hauntingly beautiful collection of poetry Maya Angelou was truly an amazing woman.We seek success in Finland,are born and die in Maine.In minor ways we differ,in major we re the same.I note the obvious differencesbetween each sort and type,but we are alike, my friends,than we are unalike.

    20. I feel that Maya Angelou is the female Langston Hughes and for a new generation There s that same rhythm, the same flair, the same knowing Of course, all poets want to be their own voice, and she really is that It s just that some of her things have a Hughes quality to them.There are masterful poems throughout the book A few of my favorites are Late October with its gently reflective cast, the impatient The Telephone, and He Went Home There are too many wonderful poems to count Many of them shar [...]

    21. Since the beginning of the collective conscience of mankind, even before we discovered how to write and read, humans have always expressed feelings in the form of words flowing in rhythm or should I say poetry.Maya Angelou has a sense of sudden sentimental tenderness, her words will make you part of the situation within a second Her poem doesn t consist of words, it consists of a manipulative stream of soft strokes This book engulfs a complete collection of her poems and it has been absolutely b [...]

    22. Maya Angelou was an incredible woman to me, one who spoke to truth every time she had the opportunity to meet another human being My favorite poem in this collection is Phenomenal Woman, but there are poems that would touch anyone I will be adding this creation to my library in the future in order to continue hearing Miss Angelou s voice in my ear What a gift she has, and continues to be to this world.

    23. WHEN YOU COME TO MEWhen you come to me, unbidden,Beckoning meTo long ago rooms,Where memories lie.Offering me, as to a child, an attic,Gatherings of days too few,Bauble of stolen kisses,Trinkets of borrowed loves,Trucks of secret words,I cry.

    24. In The Complete Collected Poems, all of Maya Angelou s works come together in one place to paint a complete picture of the poet and the world which she inhabits Angelou s poems weave an empowering tapestry of self They also tackle issues of the past which continue to affect the progress of today Angelou celebrates the power and beauty of the physical body as well as the strength found within the color of her skin as well as her femininity The poems in this collection are intensely personal and s [...]

    25. Maya Angelou has always been one of my biggest heroes as her beautiful words have helped mend my heart through the years Her recent passing away made me go back to these beautiful poems and although I admit there are some of them I really can t relate to as I ve never had to go through the same sufferings as she has, they re nonetheless very soul moving Some of my favorites from her are Africa, America, Remembering, In a Time, When I Think About Myself, We Saw Beyond Our Seeming, Passing Time, S [...]

    26. Why I Read This Book I have read this book on a frequent basis since I was 15 years old My Grandmother bought this for me because I was in love with poetry and with Maya Angelou s work After all these years, my book is still in excellent shape I pick it up and read various pieces from it several times a year With the recent passing of Maya Angelou, I picked it up again.Content The book is a nice, hefty, collection of Maya Angelou s poems I ve had this collection for almost 20 years and I never g [...]

    27. What to say about the poet and author Marguerite Ann Johnson, a.k.a the sublime Maya Angelou Like other larger than life figures, she has filled many roles for many people over the years and worn many hats, literary and otherwise, but it is my intention here to limit the scope of my comments to the poet and her poetry, and what poetry it is Some critics have sought to dismiss her poems for their popularity or performance aspects in favor of her other writings, which are considerable This is a mi [...]

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