Starseeker Luke is in trouble Skin and the gang have a job for him They want him to break into Mrs Little s house and steal the jewellery box But Luke finds than just a jewellery box in the house He finds someth

  • Title: Starseeker
  • Author: Tim Bowler
  • ISBN: 9780192753052
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Luke is in trouble Skin and the gang have a job for him They want him to break into Mrs Little s house and steal the jewellery box But Luke finds than just a jewellery box in the house He finds something so unexpected it will change his life forever.

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    1. Tim Bowler

      Tim Bowler is one of the UK s most compelling and original writers for teenagers He was born in Leigh on Sea and after studying Swedish at University he worked in forestry, the timber trade, teaching and translating before becoming a full time writer He lives with his wife in a small village in Devon and his workroom is an old stone outhouse known to friends as Tim s Bolthole.Tim has written twenty books and won fifteen awards, including the prestigious Carnegie Medal for River Boy His most recent novel is the gripping Bloodchild and his provocative Blade series is being hailed as a groundbreaking work of fiction He has been described by the Sunday Telegraph as the master of the psychological thriller and by the Independent as one of the truly individual voices in British teenage fiction.


    1. i remember this book fondly from my time as a school gal i rarely read then, but every now and then the urge to go to the teeny tiny school library would possess me and i would browse through the young adult section which were probably about forty books topd boy, am i glad i came across this one looking back, there are some bad events intertwined of course, but it s the little things that brought me pleasure which define my memories at school the most so yes, the sentimental value makes this a 5 [...]

    2. Starseeker by Tim Bowler4.5 estrelasEste um livro que reli, agora, pela terceira vez Lembro me de o ler e adorar quando tinha por volta dos treze anos e depois, talvez, no ano seguinte Ocupa, ent o, um lugar especial e achei que estava na altura de o revisitar O Universo composto n o de mat ria, mas de m sica Dr Donald Hatch Esta precisamente a cita o que abre o livro.Luke, de catorze anos, tem um talento imenso para o piano e o dom extraordin rio de ouvir a m sica do Universo Porque cada cria o [...]

    3. I liked this story It is really beautiful and emotive However, it didn t captivate me that much The story is good, but it s not an excellent book, maybe a little too juvenile, I don t know It s a good book though.

    4. This novel is such a hidden gem Stumbled upon it while browsing the library for a short summer read, and was intrigued by the plot given at the back cover Lyrical story of a sensitive, gifted but troubled boy looking for some connection, with an air of mystery Pure and touching.

    5. This book made me cry.Since the death of his father two years ago, 15 year old Luke has become angry, rude, and has distanced himself from his mother Luke s father had an amazing musical talent, one that Luke has inherited He can play a piece of music perfectly after hearing it only a few times, hear sounds and music that no one else can hear, and see the colors of music But his once admired talent and respectable reputation have been sullied and tarnished by the friends he has chosen to keep On [...]

    6. After reading the blurb I wasn t sure if this book about a boy who breaks into an old lady s house to steal a jewellery box would be for me However it drew me in fairly quickly with its eerie yet beautiful tone, and almost poetic descriptions of life, loss and finding yourself I enjoyed it a lot and am glad I gave it a try despite the misleading blurb Thanks to Harjot for both recommending and lending it to me

    7. A good book with lots of action and drama Tim Bowler really makes you think and keep reading on to see what will happen in the book It is quite dramatic, and at the same times very fun The concept of his star is mentioned a bit each time in a book,but you won t really find out what the tittle means until the end of the story This is one of the best books I have read it is fun and at the same time makes me think of what will happen Tim Bowler is really a extraordinary writer.

    8. I enjoyed reading this book and loved Luke He seemed almost like he was lying to himself at the start and I got to watch and read as he slowly opened up to his friends and mum the whole story line was very intriguing and interesting and it showed me just how much parents are willing to give up for their children This book is great

    9. I saw this in a charity shop and brought it because I loved the cover I read it and fell in love with it I found it sensitive, moving and very easy to follow It had a bit of fantasy to it I also liked the way it had been written.I then went on to read River boy which although much smaller in size was also a brill read.

    10. Beautiful and unusual with colour and wonderful imagination The characters are great even though their appearances are not fully described Gorgeous story.

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    12. I know this is meant to be a young adults book but at 22 I really enjoyed it It was well written, easy to sympathise with the characters and had a wonderfully full and detailed plot The description of Luke playing the piano inter mixed with his synaesthesia made for some beautiful imagery and I couldn t put this book down.Recommended

    13. It took half of this book to get me really hooked I was very inattentive at the beginning but once I got halfway I refused to put it down It wasn t what I was expecting at all The mystery was interesting and that plot twist gave me heart palpitations The ending was beautiful There was some things that I found a bit unclear but it didn t really affect the story so I didn t mind.

    14. it was kinda fun to read something and have no idea what it is about, Starseeker turned out to be somehow weird and unexpected , it was tangled in tooo many knots and some how tuned out to be a nice storyI think it is one of those novels that I will forget about its contents,and read it again sometime allover again

    15. It was about a boy who had super sensitive ears so he could hear lots of sounds that were too subtle to be recorded.

    16. Slow paced YA novel I wanted to tell the narrator to skip past the repetitive conversations, but he couldn t hear me and I had to concentrate on driving.

    17. Luke um jovem rebelde, com problemas de comportamento na escola e com a m e, responde mal s pessoas, falta s aulas e sente se constantemente revoltado com tudo e todos, devido perda do pai No entanto, tem o dom de conseguir escutar a m sica do universo, das rvores, das flores, das pessoas de tudo Para al m disso um pianista extremamente talentoso Devido s m s companhias, Luke levado a assaltar a casa de uma velhota e aquilo que acaba por descobrir l vai mudar a sua vida.Este pequeno livro, no in [...]

    18. This is a unique YA book not quite fantasy, but with some otherworldly aspects to it It is about a sensitive 14 year old boy named Luke, and I think it probably needs a sensitive reader to appreciate it I wouldn t use it in a classroom situation because I think its good points would be lost on most 12 13 year old readers But for the right reader, this is a beautiful, rich book There are many plot threads in the storyline, arguably too many, although the author manages to tie them up by the end T [...]

    19. I have a love hate relationship with this book The way it is written seems to cater to a younger audience I really disliked Bowler s repetitive style I can see that repeating something multiple times may add some emphasis to the idea being written but once it is mentioned many many times, I feel like it takes the value out of its meaning and makes it rather tedious to read However, I did enjoy his lexical writing in some parts of the book It was merely poetic when he would explain what Luke was [...]

    20. I was brought this book by a close friend of mine when I was a teenager, and I absolutely loved it Luke s story is heartrending dealing with the issues one suffers as a young adult, combined with the painfulness of accepting his father s death, and his mother s moving on As a piano player myself, I connected quickly with the main character, and his empathy for music, and found it wound through the story beautifully It sounds almost silly, but if soundtracks were done for books rather than movies [...]

    21. I thought the book was really good because It had a great plot The main character is a teenage boy who plays the piano and because of this he strikes up a relationship with a young deaf and intellectually challenged girl who is under the care of her elderly Grandmother There are parts of this story that really get your heart pumping and some chapters are quite sad The story did however slow up in the middle as the focus of the plot involved a lot of mother son discussions about feelings and emot [...]

    22. I think this book is a must read its most fit for teens and young adults even older can read but that depends cuz the story revovlves around the life of a young teen boy this boy is a prodigy in music just like his father He and his father had a very strong bond until his dad died After which he felt completely lost and the story goes on to know u need to read the book I highly recommend it its a very inspirational book especially for those who feel like they are all alone in life and those who [...]

    23. I personally didn t like reading this book as much as I thought I would, because it s a lot about death and I don t like to think about it that much I like to focus on the good things in life I ve never really read a novel like this, so this kind of genre is kinda new to me I do have to admit it s a beautiful book and I d recommend it to anyone who likes to think about things a little and a little deeper than an average person does I would also definitely recommend Starseeker if you like some a [...]

    24. Didn t expect much of this book When I started it, I found it hard to get into at first But once I did it was much much better than thought it would be Quiet moving at times tho I managed not to cry until the last page I felt really sorry for Luke He must have felt so alone after his dad died I can totally see why he started acting out The whole music thing was not something that I d come across in a book before and it was nice to read something a bit different Would recommened this book for all [...]

    25. Luke s dad was a famous pianist and Luke inherited his ability to hear the sounds around him After he died Luke drifted into a relationship with the village tough and his sidekicks They bullied Luke into committing a break and enter on an old spinster just outside the village But when Luke broke in he discovered a young troubled girl and an old troubled woman and his gift of music helped both of them This made Luke the enemy of the local gang and his fight for truth and understanding almost cost [...]

    26. I m not sure if I like this book or not It is okay but is not very captivating and I didn t have an urge to read on I found it a very slow book with a quite boring ending It is well written but I prefer books that are exciting and action packed The whole idea of the book is a bit far fetched a boy that can see sounds I just didn t understand it but if you want a relaxing book that is quite emotional then I would give it a read.

    27. Starseeker is another enjoyable work of Tim Bowler He has fluently written this book and made it an easy read The story is interesting and it contains a nice plot too You want to continue reading once you start The author has neatly described the characters so one can easily picture them in real life.The story has a good continuity and it s very intimate as well.Conclusion This book is a pleasant read that I suggest you to spend time for it.

    28. I read this book in English, anitated it and did a critical essay on its meaning Therefore I believe I fully understand it and can definitely say that it is absolutely fantastic I loved every word of it and couldn t put it down It demonstrates how teenage friendships can go wrong and how conflicts can be resolved in the end I hate it when stories that seem so fantastic always end in a happily ever after , but to be honest, I m glad this one did.

    29. A wonderful book about a little boy who is special, in a good way Luke senses everything Being a piano prodigy, he hears than some chords being played, he can listen to the sound of the wind and the whispers of the trees and even the inner songs of birds And is that sensibility that brings him out of the bad path he was going

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