Jarhead : A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles

Jarhead A Marine s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles Anthony Swofford s Jarhead is the first Gulf War memoir by a frontline infantry marine and it is a searing unforgettable narrative When the marines or jarheads as they call themselves were sent in

  • Title: Jarhead : A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles
  • Author: Anthony Swofford
  • ISBN: 9780743287210
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anthony Swofford s Jarhead is the first Gulf War memoir by a frontline infantry marine, and it is a searing, unforgettable narrative When the marines or jarheads, as they call themselves were sent in 1990 to Saudi Arabia to fight the Iraqis, Swofford was there, with a hundred pound pack on his shoulders and a sniper s rifle in his hands It was one misery upon anAnthony Swofford s Jarhead is the first Gulf War memoir by a frontline infantry marine, and it is a searing, unforgettable narrative When the marines or jarheads, as they call themselves were sent in 1990 to Saudi Arabia to fight the Iraqis, Swofford was there, with a hundred pound pack on his shoulders and a sniper s rifle in his hands It was one misery upon another He lived in sand for six months, his girlfriend back home betrayed him for a scrawny hotel clerk, he was punished by boredom and fear, he considered suicide, he pulled a gun on one of his fellow marines, and he was shot at by both Iraqis and Americans At the end of the war, Swofford hiked for miles through a landscape of incinerated Iraqi soldiers and later was nearly killed in a booby trapped Iraqi bunker Swofford weaves this experience of war with vivid accounts of boot camp which included physical abuse by his drill instructor , reflections on the mythos of the marines, and remembrances of battles with lovers and family As engagement with the Iraqis draws closer, he is forced to consider what it is to be an American, a soldier, a son of a soldier, and a man Unlike the real time print and television coverage of the Gulf War, which was highly scripted by the Pentagon, Swofford s account subverts the conventional wisdom that U.S military interventions are now merely surgical insertions of superior forces that result in few American casualties Jarhead

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    Jarhead : A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles

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    1. Anthony Swofford

      Anthony Swofford is a former United States Marine and author of the book Jarhead, published in 2003, which is primarily based on his accounts of various situations encountered in the first Gulf War.


    1. Ahoy So listen up gruntsI m lying on my rack in my skivvies and I m paging through this book with my dick skinners while occasionally stopping to pop a rhubarb and custard sweet into my cum receptacle This is not the suck It is merely a book about the suck You ll be able to tell the difference because you will not be getting friendly fucked whilst reading this book and there should be a distinct lack of sand, gasoline or a 120 degree temperature Obviously if you have chosen to read this book in [...]

    2. Jumpin Jack Flash, it s a gas, gas, gas The Rolling Stones GAS GAS GAS Soldier s warning cryEx US Marine and author Anthony Swofford says in this book that he hated it when the flyboys would play rock n roll songs at full blast to intimidate the enemy and bolster their own morale This music, he says, is a relic of another era and another war and has no place in his war Fuck the Doors, he says, this already is the other side.I can understand this feeling The gung ho Hollywood image of war in gene [...]

    3. A few years ago I watched the movie Jarhead and was pleased to find the book was much better I don t think this book is for everyone, but speaking for myself it is among the best autobiographies I have come across, regardless of the style or subject matter Rather than sell his story or this work, I d like to respond to two of the general themes that I see in the reviews First, I feel the book was very carefully organized, perhaps I could say crafted Swofford does not tell his story strictly chro [...]

    4. Welcome to the Suck.Being a jarhead is frustrating At least, that s what been described so vividly by Anthony Swofford.Jarhead means a member of the United States Marine Corps When used by civilians it could be considered derogatory, but it is used often among Marines The term originates from the high and tight haircut that many Marines have, which makes their head look like a jar It did NOT originate from their uniform or cover.This book reminded me of another novel, Catch 22, although not as w [...]

    5. Although it s possible that the Marine Corps is different now, and of course I believe that this book does not represent the experience of all Marines, I have it on good authority that it tells the story of many Marines, and it s an important story The Marines I know plagued by nightmares, handicapped in relationships, fighting addictions corroborate They know two conflicting things to be absolutely true they are the most special of all the elitist of elite, and they are utterly disposable worth [...]

    6. This book and the movie it inspired will always be at the top of my list This is the most realistic look at war from the viewpoint of any service member You join the military thinking I m gonna go kick doors in, blow stuff up, and end human lives when in all actuality most service members never see combat of any type Mind you in this book and in the movie the author and his unit get mortared and shot at a couple of times but nothing major The biggest thing that I love to point out about this sto [...]

    7. Having seen the film years ago, I d always wanted to read the book Would it bring a different perspective Would it add to what I saw and understood from the film Yes Yes it would Yes it did I ve always been one of those girls who s pretty vocal about not understanding why men choose to join the military who tries to argue that surely there s a better way out of whatever it is you re escaping than fighting other men I never understood what was going through a man s head to want to kill.But this b [...]

    8. Anthony Swofford s memoir of being a Marine grunt sniper in the Gulf War is a tedious read The depiction of the Gulf War feels correct an over hyped, oil driven war that turned out to be completely anti climactic Swofford and his fellow marines did I almost write machines felt cheated, in the end, because instead of the death, danger, and glory they were promised, the Gulf War didn t end up being an infantry war at all it was an air and armor turkey shoot, and ended in far less time than it took [...]

    9. If you go into this book expecting fire fights, skirmishes, battles and sorties, then you are coming at this book from the wrong direction, or you have the wrong book Jarhead is what the title says it is A book about a Jarhead A young man in the service of the United States Marine Corp Don t go into the book expecting anything but that It concerns a Marine s journey towards becoming a Marine and a Sniper and who then joins the boots on the ground in the Middle east for the Gulf War conflict It i [...]

    10. If I could give this book zero stars I would This has nothing to do with the 1st gulf war It has to do with the ramblings of an immoral, narcissistic misogynist with a chip on his shoulder who should have been kicked out of the Marine Corps during 1st phase He comes across as being one of those Marines we called the bottom 10% who made life hard for everyone else.Swofford exaggerates or flat out lies about many of his experiences, i.e peeing his pants multiple times in boot camp, holding a gun t [...]

    11. I didn t expect to love Jarhead as much as I did but holy shit, this book was a spoonful of brilliant.Swofford s lyrical prose fused in with his profanity laced philosophical musings and descriptions of day to day life in the marines was a riveting read I had loved the movie adaptation with Jake Gyllenhaal playing the lead but I loved the book even .Just no words for this None at all It was that amazing.

    12. This is by no means an explicitly anti war novel It s an honest account and because the honest truth is that war is vicious and atrocious, an anti war message cannot be hidden except through lies.Anthony Swofford was a U.S sniper during the first Gulf War and Jarhead tells his story of life in the Marines and fighting in this war His whole experience in coloured by power hungry and vicious officers, rowdy nights out with fellow Marines and of course, the in your face brutality of killing innoce [...]

    13. This is some of the very best war writing, and hence reading, I have ever encountered An added bonus for me was listening to the Recorded Books, LLC version with Swofford himself narrating Unlike some even outstanding authors, Mr Swofford is a superbly accomplished reader as well, which made hearing the author s presentation of his work doubly enjoyable.Swofford was a Marine sniper in the first Gulf War He is unflinchingly honest in examining everything about the whole experience from boot camp [...]

    14. Warning Strong language Once upon a time I read a review of the book Jarhead, by Anthony Swofford, which peaked my interest DH Jeff was thoughtful enough to pick me up a copy I m glad he s not a marine, or at least anyone like Mr Swofford Honestly, I kept thinking, what a horse s a this guy Swofford is And, did I need any reminders that so many of our young marines will screw anything around and I do mean anything Especially while they re bemoaning their unfaithful women at home But these items [...]

    15. I don t know 1 How much of it was true 2 Is this crude language and behavior just part of being a Marine The drill instructor in basic screams in his ear faggot, addict, cum sucker, bitchmaster, dickskinner, dickfuck, fuckforbrains, no pecker, and lilywhitebitch pornography is rampant, going to bars and screwing whores seems like a goal most of the Marines have, drinking is worse than in a frat house, the dead enemies are desecrated and stolen from, the leadership is not trusted nor trustworthy, [...]

    16. This was an interesting book for multiple reasons First and foremost, remember all those Vietnam War movies that came out in the 70s and 80s Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Apocalypse Now that were extremely anti war, being as violent and coarse as possible, this book is like one of those movies, but it s about the Gulf War Aside from that, it s very well written and really makes you think.

    17. The acclaimed memoir from a Marine who served in Operation Desert Storm This book irritated the heck out of me I found it completely overrated The only compliments I can pay this book are twofold first, it s very readable you should finish this in a sitting secondly, there are moments where the book overcomes its myriad problems and provides clear insight into the thought processes and feelings that a Marine probably experiences For instance, Swofford describes a moment after the war has ended w [...]

    18. This review is for Jarhead by Anthony Swofford published by POCKET BOOKS in 2005 at 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 After reading this memoir of Anthony Swofford I found that I can definitely recommend this book to others Overall this text gives the reader an insight into a Marine s preparation for war, and specifically into their preparation for Operation Desert Storm In my own opinion, I would say that this novel has it s moments of excitement in the plot and other times it ca [...]

    19. This is not an easy book to read That doesn t mean it isn t well written, which it is, or that it lacks action, because it doesn t Instead, it is an often uncomfortable book It dispels the illusion we all harbor to one degree or another that war is noble and that warriors are likewise noble Instead, Swofford recounts his own experience in the Marine Corps, first as a line grunt in training and then as a member of the elite Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon that is, a member of the snip [...]

    20. Jarhead by Anthony SwoffordA Marine s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battlesby Anthony SwoffordPublished 2003ISBN 13 978 1 4165 1340 7ISBN 10 1 4165 1340 XPublisher Pocket Books, a division of Simon Schuster, Inc.This memoir written by Anthony Swofford tells the story of his life on the front lines of the first Gulf War from August 1990 April 1991, while he was a part of the U.S Marines Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon, Second Battalion, Seventh Marines It is a riveting account o [...]

    21. A Marine s Chronicle Of The Gulf War And Other Battlesby Anthony SwoffordPub Date Mar 4th, 2003ISBN 13 978 1 4165 1340 7Publisher Scribner The memoir Jarhead by Anthony Swofford is a great authentic representation of what happened during the Gulf War from the perspective of a marine.Due to the nature of the Gulf War it was much less gruesome, nevertheless it was still a war Jarhead was a memoir and it talked a lot about the main character s experience as a Marine in the Gulf War The book explain [...]

    22. People seem to either love this book or hate it, taking it as an honest account of the nasty, brutish and short lives of Marine grunts or as a trumped up, pretentious load of BS Certainly, the author seems to be inspired by the Vietnam movies he frequently cites, in that the tone of the book can be superficially read as anti war while in the same breath glorifying the nihilistic attitude of the protagonist One reviewer heavily criticises Swofford s mention of books and reading, seeing it as vacu [...]

    23. Jarhead is a very realistic imagery story about being a Marine during the Gulf War, and the effect the war had on them I rated Jarhead with a 3 because it was an exciting story, but didn t give a very good image for the Marine Corps It made all soldiers look like drunks who have no self control and didn t care about American values in any way, when in reality, most soldiers don t feel this way at all.This book has quite a few strengths it is exciting, and catches your attention quickly The chara [...]

    24. I ve heard a number of enlisted Marines talk about how realistic this movie book is Perhaps I m a bit idealistic, but I think Mr Swofford exaggerates in a very sincere seeming way in order to draw the reader to a familiar Vietnam victimized unknowing soldier being taken advantage of by the privileged few Yes, some of the urban myths that Swofford claims to have occurred in his unit may have happened over time and among the hundreds of thousands of short long Marine careers But I doubt they all h [...]

    25. I first heard of this book when I listened to Anthony Swofford guesting on Libby Purves BBC Radio 4 programme Midweek He sounded like a really thoughtful, decent person and I bought his book some time later It sat on my to read shelf until a week or so ago when I was heading out to Paris for a visit to the Marne Battlefields World War One I ve read a lot of WW1 memoirs, and it struck me this would be a good book to take out there that we all owe it to modern soldiers to learn something of what t [...]

    26. A very candid and open account of life during the first Gulf war The book is written as though the author is there in front of you telling you his story His description of life in the Desert and how people passed the time and coped with the seemingly never ending waiting is interesting, enlighting and slightly disturbing At no point can it be said that this book glorifies the war or the reasons the troops were sent there in the first place A very valuable insight into the mind of a Marine and th [...]

    27. This is a classic case of book being better than movie I read the book before I saw the movie and the movie was disappointing I have praise for Swofford on his ability and it was good to see a fellow Marine though I don t know him personally write an account of Operation Desert Shield and Storm He made the account personable and I was billeted initially not far from his outfit I recall the fight that broke out after the unfortunate event with the Marine and the video of his wife with another man [...]

    28. Im not really the reading type but when i got into this book i couldnt stop reading.I dont think ive ever recomended a book but this is one book that i wouldnt mind reading again.This book is based on a true story,about a young man going to the Marine s.I really think this book could be good for slow readers and beginners.This book starts out really slow but when it gets better you wont want to put it down i promise please try this book.

    29. Swafford somehow managed to write a war story that didnt make me miss the army I think he was too crude, and focused too much on the reasons he hates the marine corps doesn t everyone love and hate the corps Where was the love

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