The People of the Mist

The People of the Mist The People of the Mist is the tale of a British adventurer seeking wealth in the wilds of Africa finding romance and discovering a lost race and its monstrous god

  • Title: The People of the Mist
  • Author: H. Rider Haggard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The People of the Mist is the tale of a British adventurer seeking wealth in the wilds of Africa, finding romance, and discovering a lost race and its monstrous god.

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      Sir Henry Rider Haggard was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and the creator of the Lost World literary genre His stories, situated at the lighter end of the scale of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential He was also involved in agricultural reform and improvement in the British Empire His breakout novel was King Solomon s Mines 1885 , which was to be the first in a series telling of the multitudinous adventures of its protagonist, Allan Quatermain.Haggard was made a Knight Bachelor in 1912 and a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1919 He stood unsuccessfully for Parliament as a Conservative candidate for the Eastern division of Norfolk in 1895 The locality of Rider, British Columbia, was named in his memory.


    1. When two brothers lose their home.Because of the father s unethical behavior.Then he commits suicide.Leonard Outram and his older sibling, Tom.Are left penniless.Both flee to Africa.Vowing to each other.Never to return Until they regain Outram Hall,in England.But how to restore their family s centuries old, estate, and honor Leonard leaves the woman he loves.Jane Beach,her father forbids his daughter From marrying Outram Who has no income or prospects.Besides, a rich man wants Jane to be his bri [...]

    2. Sir Henry Rider Haggard, the so called Father of the Lost Race Novel, didn t write such stories featuring only Allan Quatermain and Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed For example, his 17th novel, The People of the Mist 1894 , is a smashing, wonderfully exciting, stand alone lost race tale featuring all new characters But the first third of the novel is hardly a lost race story at all, but rather one of hard bitten African adventure In it, we meet Leonard Outram, a penniless British adventurer who is [...]

    3. Having become disenchanted with Haggard s classic She to the point of quitting halfway through, I embark upon this book having been assured by my oldest daughter, Hannah, that this book is different and worthy of the time I must say that so far it has been enthralling and I ve been devoting my few spare moments to devouring it It is living up to the description which I share here A penniless British adventurer seeks untold wealth in the wilds of the Dark Continent after losing his family lands a [...]

    4. As the story opens, an ancestral home is for sale The father has ruined the family with drinking and gambling The two sons, Tom and Leonard, vow to make a fortune and regain the family home They go gold hunting in Africa and when the story picks up seven years later the action is non stop.

    5. Haggard pretty much began the Lost Race novel, or so it is generally said For that reason I ll give this book a 4 Just for reading, however, I d have to rate it a 3 Good, but a little slow Not as much fun as ERB or REH.

    6. A rousing adventure tale in the best traditions of the genre If this book had been written at a later time I would say the plot was tired and overused However given the time period of the writing it is easy to see how Sir Henry s works form the basis for the adventures tales of later authors including as I understand Robert Howard of Conan fame and Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan among others.The writing was excellent, the plot twists were well done and the dialogue was fun to read as it was written [...]

    7. This is an adventure novel which turns into a heist story through its middle part.The heist part of it posing as gods to a lost civilization in order to obtain a heap of the pretty pebbles which Europeans seem to love so much forms the unexpectedly soggy middle of the narrative This section feeds on the spectacle of the People of the Mist and their wild, barbaric religious ceremonies The protagonists, shoehorned into the role of deities, are sequestered and become little than witnesses, having [...]

    8. Of H Rider Haggard s novels I had only previously read King Solomon s Mines 1885 so was happy to try another of his works I was most intrigued by The People of the Mist, which promised another of Haggard s African adventures but would it be as memorable as King Solomon s Mines The novel begins with brothers Leonard and Thomas Outram who lose their home and for poor Leonard the prospect of marrying his beloved Jane Beach The brothers head for Africa to seek their fortune and buy back their estate [...]

    9. I finished reading The People of the Mist 1894 by H Rider Haggard last night on 6 12 2010 Having enjoyed re reading Tarzan, I thought I d go a little bit further back in time and read an African adventure by the author of King Solomon s Mines 1885 and She 1886 It s been a while since I read either of those notables, but I think I enjoyed them somewhat than The People of the Mist Of course, She is a classic according to it s been in print almost continuously for over a hundred and twenty years A [...]

    10. The People of the Mist by H Rider Haggard was a Kindle Freebie that I had downloaded from Although written in the antiquated style of the 1800 s, it was an exciting tale of romance and adventure The book begins with Leonard Outram losing his fortune at the hands of his father and he is turned out penniless to seek his fortune to regain his ancestral home He travels to Africa with his brother to seek their fortunes together Soon afterward, he takes Otter in his employ, loses his brother to sickne [...]

    11. After reading Cleopatra and King Solomon s Mines, I wanted to read another Hagard book This began in England, where, because of his uncle s financial affairs, Outram loses his family mansion and his intended He goes to Africa with his brother but when his brother dies, Outram has no gold, only his trusty Zulu dwarf Otter Otter recognizes a woman from a slave camp that he escaped She knows where rubies are but she requires that the two help her free her mistress, a white woman, besides any other [...]

    12. I feel slightly guilty checking this book as read, because I didn t read it just listened to it I m afraid I ve become a bit hooked on audiobooks Don t misunderstand me I don t plan to overhaul my reading style, and you can always find me at lunchtime propping open an actual, physical book with my plate while I try not to splash spaghetti sauce on the pages But when I m folding laundry, spiffing up the house, or making meals, having an audiobook to fall back on has been so delightful I don t kno [...]

    13. I m still working on this I have a Kindle version, which I was reading while I was at Gulf Coast Medical waiting for my husband to be taken to recovery There were parts I had to read over again because frankly it was putting me to sleep, but I kept reminding myself this story was at least 100 years old Also 1 at that time they were into telling than showing, and this is something else I have to keep in mind Also 2 they were big into facial hair, whicheOn the plus side, it does take me back to m [...]

    14. The People of the Mist is an adventure novel written by H Rider Haggard, the father of the Lost World literature genre It is not a fast read, but an enjoyable read when you slow your pace down to Haggard s late 1800 s style of writing where he allowed characters to fully developed, morality tales abound, and several side stories to be played out Haggard was amazing in his ability to create his lost world with intense imagination and flawless detail This book includes all love types.of course man [...]

    15. This is a tale of derring do, with great villains, damsels in distress, and English adventurers to the rescue If I had to compare it to a story I ve read I would go with the Count of Monte Cristo.The hero is obsessive and unscrupulous in his pursuit of treasure, even to the point of risking the lives of those he loves to obtain it, but is otherwise courageous and valiant His companion, Otter, is a dwarf servant and my favorite character in the book The story has two main thrusts and both are gre [...]

    16. I d imagine a lot of people have downgraded this novel for its antediluvian approach to race and class Well, that s just the way those things were done in those days late 19th century, turn of the 20th You ll seldom find much else, especially in African adventure tale On the positive side, Mist has a lot stronger sense of plot than She and a better and nuanced cast of characters Otter, the black dwarf, is a marvelous creation on every level Yes, he s deep in the wog tradition, but like Gunga Di [...]

    17. Pure classic I love the lost race tales so this filled in my attention for a lots of time while on the subway on the way to school or home It is a very good book.

    18. This is a great story I really enjoyed it and am definitely going to read books by H Rider Haggard, assuming that they will similarly be as good.The beginning starts out slowly, introducing background and characters in a easy to follow way and leading into the main premise of the plot Unlike some stories with slow starts, I really never had a problem staying interested, though, and never thought that there was too much exposition used for framing it was just showing the background and setting a [...]

    19. This was an enjoyable read The dialogue and description was a bit dated and had lots of prose, so it made a bit for slow reading at times.What I find most striking in this book in the author s clear pride of colonialism and belief that white men were superior to black men, with constant references to his African characters as savage and wild Interesting, however, was his clear empathy for these same characters that they were deserving of the same respect and kindness as his European characters r [...]

    20. First published in 1894It is a tale of a British adventurer seeking wealth in the wilds of Africa, finding romance, and discovering a lost race and its monstrous god The story opens with Tom and Leonard s family ancestral home and all other items auctioned off to pay off the father s debts leaving the young men pennyless with the sons vowing to make a fortune and regain the family home or never return to England The first 2 chapters cover this along with Leonard s engagement to Jane Beach, whose [...]

    21. After their father ruins the family, forcing his two sons to sell off the estate, they set out for Africa, vowing not to return until their fortune is made Seven years later, on the brink of giving up, the surviving brother, Laurence, learns of the wealth in the lost valley of the People of the Mist This is an old school adventure, and heartily adventurous the escape over the ice bridge is absolutely nailbiting though much of the plot is kind of old hat A bigger problem is that this is very 19th [...]

    22. This is an edge of your seat nail biter all the way There were moments when I had to set the book down and walk away because of the anxiety I felt over what would happen next I gave it four stars, not because it wasn t masterfully written as Haggard is one of the beast storytellers I ve ever read , but because I found the continuous stream of heart wrenching difficulties too dark and unbelievably nerve wracking for my taste.One of the things I love about Haggard s books is that he weaves these a [...]

    23. An adventure romance novel, set in Africa during the slave trade era of the 1800 s A quaint naivete and constraint characterize the writing throughout there is violence, but not gratuitous or graphic there is romance but no sex the native Africans exist on a different and lower plain than the white people but intelligent and honorable Africans play major parts in this story This is all expected from a novel published in 1893 1894 The action moved along moderately for much of the book, with a few [...]

    24. another king Solomon s mines story no Allen quatermain is not in this book but it feels almost like this was a practice novel before maybe it is just the African style of telling stories a group of people go out to find a legendary treasure to find the dangers of Africa and it s strange tribes no one has seen only to learn the true meaning of why things are the way they are it reads like most of haggards book long and dull lots of planing and travel until you get to the end and you feel the true [...]

    25. Long winded, offensive, and dripping in Victorian sap, this antiquated adventure story gets 2 stars only stars for Indiana Jones esque adventure.

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