The Thing Beneath the Bed

The Thing Beneath the Bed This is not a book for children It looks like a children s book It has pictures It has a saccharine sweet title The main characters are a little girl and her teddy bear But all of that is just protect

  • Title: The Thing Beneath the Bed
  • Author: Patrick Rothfuss NateTaylor
  • ISBN: 9781596063136
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is not a book for children.It looks like a children s book It has pictures It has a saccharine sweet title The main characters are a little girl and her teddy bear But all of that is just protective coloration The truth is, this is a book for adults with a dark sense of humor and an appreciation of old school faerie tales.There are three separate endings to the bThis is not a book for children.It looks like a children s book It has pictures It has a saccharine sweet title The main characters are a little girl and her teddy bear But all of that is just protective coloration The truth is, this is a book for adults with a dark sense of humor and an appreciation of old school faerie tales.There are three separate endings to the book Depending on where you stop, you are left with an entirely different story One ending is sweet, another is horrible The last one is the true ending, the one with teeth in it.The Adventures of the Princess and Mr Whiffle is a dark twist on the classic children s picture book I think of it as Calvin and Hobbes meets Coraline, with some Edward Gorey mixed in.Simply said This is not a book for children.

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      It all began when Pat Rothfuss was born to a marvelous set of parents Throughout his formative years they encouraged him to do his best, gave him good advice, and were no doubt appropriately dismayed when he failed to live up to his full potential.In high school Pat was something of a class clown His hobbies included reading a novel or two a day and giving relationship advice to all his friends despite the fact that he had never so much as kissed a girl He also role played and wrote terrible stories about elves He was pretty much a geek.Most of Pat s adult life has been spent in the University Wisconsin Stevens Point In 1991 he started college in order to pursue a career in chemical engineering, then he considered clinical psychology In 1993 he quit pretending he knew what he wanted to do with his life, changed his major to undecided, and proceeded to study whatever amused him He also began writing a book.For the next seven years Pat studied anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing He studied six different martial arts, practiced improv comedy, learned how to pick locks, and became a skilled lover of women He also began writing a satirical advice column which he continues to this day The College Survivial Guide Through all of this he continued to work on his novel.In 2000 Pat went to grad school for English literature Grad school sucked and Pat hated it However, Pat learned that he loved to teach He left in 2002 with his masters degree, shaking the dust from his feet and vowing never to return During this period of time his novel was rejected by roughly every agent in the known universe.Now Pat teaches half time at his old school as an assistant sub lecturer He is underpaid but generally left alone to do as he sees fit with his classes He is advisor for the college feminists, the fencing club, and, oddly enough, a sorority He still roll plays occasionally, but now he does it in an extremely sophisticated, debonair way.Through a series of lucky breaks, he has wound up with the best agent and editor imaginable, and the first book of his trilogy has been published under the title The Name of the Wind Though it has only been out since April 2007, it has already been sold in 26 foreign countries and won several awards Pat has been described as a rough, earthy iconoclast with a pipeline to the divine in everyone s subconscious But honestly, that person was pretty drunk at the time, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt.


    1. This is a pet project of mine that I ve been working on with a friend for a couple of years now It s a not for children picture book I think of it as Coraline meets Calvin and Hobbes It will be released from Subterranean Press in July of 2010, and I m really unreasonably proud of it.If you want details, you can read the blog I wrote about it over here The Adventures of the Princess and Mr Whiffle.Edit The book is out now The first printing is almost sold out.

    2. Given, I have a personal fondness for this book, because it s mine But I happen to love the this new paperback edition for several additional reasons 1 It has a new author s note from me and Nathan Taylor, the illustrator 2 It fixes a very few tiny mistakes nobody but me would ever notice or care about 3 It s paperback, so it s cheaper.4 A portion of the proceeds from the book go to Worldbuilders, the charity I run every year 5 It has a bunch of Nate s original concept sketches in the back, 6 Un [...]

    3. The Adventures of the Princess and Mr Whiffle The Thing Beneath the Bed is a mildly disturbing tale The biggest reason for that is that it looks like a children s book.Let me assure you, you must trust the blurb this is not a book for children I counted at least 5 moments that would cause my 4 year old daughter to never let us turn the lights off in her room again My 4 year old can read well and I know that sounds cool, but she s been doing it since she was 3 and a half The problem is there are [...]

    4. Patrick Rothfuss is a storyteller The Name of the Wind , a father, a blogger patrickrothfuss , a humanitarian Worldbuilders , and than a little insane.Patrick I feel I can call him Patrick since he will be haunting my dreams for many nights to come gives voice to his insanity with The Adventure of the Princess and Mr Whiffle It is a story that is both touching and diabolical A reminder of what it was like to be a child in a world fueled by imagination, it is also a cautionary tale where nothing [...]

    5. My daughter had the privilege of being one of the first people Pat read this to and she LOVED his reading of it My daughter is 7 she was 6 when he read it to her She loves this book Reads it over and over Finds it hilarious Mind you, my daughter loves animals But she is also aware of the cycle of life and is not horrified when one animal eats the other despite the fact that I, her mother, am a vegetarian My point is that some kids will be horrified by this book, certainly And some will LOVE the [...]

    6. 4.0 stars I have been waiting for this to come out ever since I first read that Patrick Rothfuss was writing a not for children children s book and it did not disappoint Diabolically clever, this is a book you will want to go back through a second time after you finish it so you can really appreciate the brilliance of the artwork that absoutely makes the story Highly Recommended

    7. Remember how the Calvin and Hobbes anthologies would start off with some elaborate, full color artsy extended bit of weirdness from Bill Watterson My favorite was A Naseous Nocture, an long poem about something creepy under the bed in the closet, with lines like this In the morning, they ll come in And say, what was that awful din We heard last night You kept us both from sleep Only then will they surmise The gruesomeness of my demise And see that my remains are in a heap The Adventures of the P [...]

    8. Es lo mejor que he le do en mi vida en estos cortos minutos Lo mejor de todo es que al encontrarlo y ser tan barato, fue autom tico TENGO QUE TENERLO Amo la manera de Rothfuss juega con el humor en un cuento que parece muy infantil, aunque nada tiene que ver con los ni os.

    9. This book is seriously awesome, and also SERIOUSLY not for kids The illustrations are fantastic, and most adults will be sufficiently creeped by the storyline.

    10. For the Dark HumorThe ones who love night monstersThe bumps and thumps thereI was so surprisedBy how much I enjoyed thisIt s a dark twist taleI m not a hobbs fanSo I don t compare the twoIt s a good read though

    11. Me ha gustado mucho, sobretodo, que tenga tres finales Puede parecer un cuento para ni os en su primera parte, la segunda ya empieza a dar algo de miedo, pero la tercera, madre m a, no me lo esperaba, que gore La verdad que lo he disfrutado mucho, las ilustraciones de Nate Taylor son geniales, el cuento me ha gustado y solo me da pena que sea tan cortito A ver si pronto publican la segunda parte de estos cuentos de este maravilloso escritor.

    12. Patrick Rothfuss The Adventures of the Princess and Mr Whiffle The Thing Beneath the Bed is a darkly funny little faerie tale packaged in a sweet little picture book It is most definitely not for children Nate Taylor s illustrations are sweet, whimsical and absolutely morbid something that makes the ending of this tale all the ting I loved it.

    13. Este cuento me encant La edici n es una preciosidad y las ilustraciones, hermosas Es un cuentro creepy que parece para ni os, pero no lo es Narrado como un cuento cl sico tiene 3 finales y el ltimo es el que m s me gust Lo nico malo es que lo le en 10 minutos Me hubiera gustado que tenga p ginas infinitas

    14. This long awaited gem showed up in the mail today, much to my delight Read it once in about five minutes, laughing out loud several times Then read it a second time slowly, poring over the background details of Nate Taylor s luscious art.Promoted as a not for children children s book, the ending is not for the timid, but delightfully wicked.Recommended.

    15. The Thing Beneath the Bed has three endings You can keep proceeding to the last one or stop at any of them but at 72 pages you are all but guaranteed to keep reading.There are multiple warning that despite looking like a children s book this is NOT a children s book and I gotta say view spoiler This is not a children s book lol At first I was thinking this isn t so bad.There are a few scary elements but nothing that doesn t turn itself around and inspire an awwww that s cute But then things take [...]

    16. This is an awesome and terrifically fun take on the whole locked away princess tale Have you ever wondered WHY she s locked away Well here s your answer.The pictures are engaging and even entertaining on the second read Be sure to watch the background for the aftermath of the battle on the bridge, analyze that buried treasure and take note of the placement of the locks and spikes on the gate.The story has three endings The first is sweet, the second is suggestive of horrific events, and the thi [...]

    17. I ve been interested to read Rothfuss novels for awhile, just haven t got around to it yet Found this at the library and decided to check it out This was supposed to be a clever twist on children s fables and picture books, and as the inside flap warns over and over, this isn t a story for children However, I found this book short on clever and twists And it wasn t particularly dark except for the very end, and even that seemed forced There are multiple endings, which was interesting, but none e [...]

    18. The description of this book boasts The truth is, this is a book for adults with a dark sense of humor and an appreciation of old school faerie tales But the old school Grimm s faerie tales had a lot meat on their bones pun intended, if you ve read this book than this little illustrated edition And while the art was beautiful, it felt lacking The whole thing probably had one hundred words in it, and they weren t used to tell much of a story, just to jump from one not terribly clever ending to t [...]

    19. I had pre ordered the book, and it came with the promised This Shit is Not for Kids Seriously sticker to place on the front cover At first, I wasn t sure if I wanted to put the sticker anywhere the cover art is delightful and balanced, and I felt the sticker might spoil it.Then I finished the book, and I applied the sticker.I d heard the first two thirds of the book before, read by Rothfuss, and I had an idea of what to expect The ending doesn t disappoint, but it s probably not the thing to lea [...]

    20. My 3 through 8 year old kids would love this book they love scary stories just like their dad It comes off sweet and innocent with a taste of darkness hanging out in the corner just out of range.I asked myself throughout Why is this girl all alone in this marzipan castle with no one around but her teddy bear Why is she stuck behind a gate with a big lock on it Why are there spikes on the inside of the wall, are they trying to keep her in After playing war with her stuff animals did she really pu [...]

    21. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time and on my recent trip to the US I finally got a chance to pick up a copy.It s only a small book but well written with beautiful artwork The tale of a sweet little girl and her teddy in a big castle there s an inkling from the beginning that something is not quite right I won t say any on the story as I don t want to spoil anything but if you ve got a bit of a twisted streak and a dark sense of humour I d recommend taking a couple minutes to r [...]

    22. Not really a book for children it is modeled after books for children there are three possible endings is quite shocking.

    23. 4 1 2 starsThe thoughts that went through my head as I was finishing the story No she didn t flip back a page, re read continue Ohhhh She did HA HA HA

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