Fire Along the Sky

Fire Along the Sky With epic sweep and breathtaking adventure Sara Donati s bestselling saga of an Early American family s struggle for survival in the Northeast wilderness continues with the story of an indomitable wo

  • Title: Fire Along the Sky
  • Author: Sara Donati
  • ISBN: 9780553582772
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With epic sweep and breathtaking adventure, Sara Donati s bestselling saga of an Early American family s struggle for survival in the Northeast wilderness continues with the story of an indomitable woman and an unforgettable journey of redemption across a young nation threatened by the flames of war.The year is 1812 and Hannah Bonner has returned to her family s mountain cWith epic sweep and breathtaking adventure, Sara Donati s bestselling saga of an Early American family s struggle for survival in the Northeast wilderness continues with the story of an indomitable woman and an unforgettable journey of redemption across a young nation threatened by the flames of war.The year is 1812 and Hannah Bonner has returned to her family s mountain cabin in Paradise But Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner can see that Hannah is not the same woman as when she left For their daughter has come home without her husband and without her son and with a story of loss and tragedy that she can t bear to tell Yet as Hannah resumes her duties as a gifted healer among the sick and needy, she finds that she is also slowly healing herself Little does she realize that she is about to be called away to face her greatest challenge ever.As autumn approaches, news of the latest conflict with Britain finds the young men of Paradise including eighteen year old Daniel Bonner eager to take up arms Against their better judgment, Nathaniel and Elizabeth must let him go, just as they must let his twin sister Lily, a stubborn beauty, pursue her independence in Montreal But on the eve of the War of 1812, an unexpected guest arrives from Scotland It is the Bonners distant cousin, the newly widowed Jennet Scott of Carryckcastle Far from home, Lily and Jennet will each learn the price of pursuing their dreams and th

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    1. After a bit of a hiccup with the third book, this series is back on track with the fourth Set ten years after the last book, we find the Bonner children grown, Hannah returned from the west having lost her husband and son, and the family being caught up in the War of 1812 We see small snippets of the war as it played out along the border between New York and Quebec, but never the big picture, and while for me that is a little frustrating, I also appreciate that it is exactly the way war is exper [...]

    2. Book 4 in the Wilderness series picks up the Bonners ten years after Hannah s marriage and departure from the family nest It chronicles her journey back to the family having lost her husband and son I found this to be jarring and a big disappointment However throughout the course of the book the holes in her marital history are filled in somewhat, but not to my satisfaction The rest of the Bonners and their relationships with the citizens of Paradise are given a lot of ink and I was glad of that [...]

    3. I am completely enjoying this series The thing I liked the most is that these books pull me in and they become a bit of an escape for me which I m needing this summer I wish I had to read to get me through the next week or two I love this kind of historical fiction It covers multi generations It also has great characters and a great historical background.The characters from previous books were evolving in this book the 4th in the series and there were some new characters introduced that were ki [...]

    4. An absoloute, without a doubt 5 star read for me Until it wasn t.WHY, Sara Why would you do this to your fans I dont see the sense in it at all, other than to shatter our hearts and kill all hopes we had all the books All the time invested and the WAITING for that certain IMPORTANT SOMETHING to finally happen For what For that My heart was constantly in my throat as I caught on to the early hints, for that long awaited moment Page after page, at warp speed Gitty with excitement for that EEEEEKKK [...]

    5. Ok, after the last book in the series I was sure that I wouldn t read another one I was wrong Somehow Fire found it s way into my shopping bag after a brief trip to the local BAM I was so happy that Donati didn t kill off Curiosity Freeman but was shocked that Dr Richard Todd met an early and quite painful demise Hannah s husband who just appears out of nowhere in Lake in the Clouds never really materlizes in Fire His story was poorly told and their marriage was a complete waste of good paper I [...]

    6. I couldn t bring myself to like this novel as much as the others in the series As a bit of a recap, the series starts out with Elizabeth coming to America from England to be a school teacher A self professed spinster, she is surprised when she falls in love with outdoors man Nathaniel Bonner She elopes with him in an effort to not only be with him forever, but also restore property rightfully to the people who own it The next novel is a bit down the road and she has just given birth to twins The [...]

    7. I picked up this series because I read The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon and LOVED it I heard that Clair Jamie, from Outlander, made an appearance in these books so I had to read it.It wasn t as good as Outlander but I did enjoy the story and the characters very much It s much along the same lines as Outlander without the time travel and very well written You get invested in the characters and want to follow them though life I ve read the entire series and LOVE how it matures with the chara [...]

    8. Man I adore this series It is so satisfying, no, than that, it s that feeling of contentment and fullness you experience after you have eaten an amazing meal With all the tantalising flavours besides I don t like Lily, at all Now instead of that making me drop a star, it has made me love the series even because of how realistic it is Not everyone in every family is going to be perfect That is Lily She is spoilt, bratish and quite selfish, emulating a sibling most people have had to deal with T [...]

    9. When I first picked up Into the Wilderness and started reading I nearly died of happiness to see the characters from one of my favorite movies The Last of the Mohicans in it The first three books were wonderful and fabulously written Watching Elizabeth and Nathaniel s relationship grow and their children was an absolute pleasure I did have some hesitations at first with Lake in the Clouds, but Donati s style and writing cleared up some of the earlier hesitations I had Now onto Fire Along the Sky [...]

    10. Took me a while to really get involved in this segment of the Bonner s story I can t quite determine why as I ve been eager to hear about Jennet since she was first introduced I was a bit upset that Hannah s story took such a sad turn after the bright childhood she had I loved watching Lily Simon fall for each other, and Luke and Jennet keep me happy as well I wanted to know about how Blue Jay suddenly came home with a wife having found her sometime after leaving the prisoner s ship and making [...]

    11. WHAT That s how you re going to end a book Like in a middle of an episode of a show in the muiddle of it s season I see your game Ms DonatiQueen of Swords next it is Good thing you filled thing you filled this book with sexy men.

    12. I enjoyed following the Bonner women into this book Loved Lily and her many spirited remarks and her courage Hannah s story is so sad and yet i know she is do for some real love I loved it Fast paced, new story line and new romance for the young Bonner women.

    13. In her fourth book, nearly ten years have passed since Lake in the Clouds The War of 1812 has started and not even the residents of Hidden Wolf are spared Lily, ready to go study art abroad, has her plans put on hold Her brother Daniel and their cousin Blue Jay long to go fight Elizabeth wishes to keep all her children on Hidden Wolf, safe And into this walks Hannah, a shadow of her former self The Bonners are also surprised by the arrival of Luke, Nathaniel s illegitimate son, and Jennet, a dis [...]

    14. Hannah Bonner is returning to her home, she has lost her husband and her son Jennet is on her way to Luke, her husband of 10 years has died and now she can be with the person she truly loves.The twins Lily and Daniel have grown up, Lily is quite the artist and feels constrained living in Lake in the Clouds, while Daniel wants to join the war against the British in the War of 1812.Many things will change in the course of this novel, will Hannah tell her tale of Tecumseh and her part in it, will L [...]

    15. Book 4 in this series came back with a BANG I literally read a little over the last 1 2 of the book in 2.5 days.Filled with totally different perspectives and richer history on the War of 1812, adds greater dimension and depth to a time in history fraught with uncertainty, violence, loss and great triumph Donati wove in quite the thread of mystery from previous characters I love to hate which made this book even of a page turner.Looking forward to book 5

    16. Fire Along the SkyAgain I could not put this book series down There is so much history wrapped up in the lives of the Bonners and it is blended seamlessly with the stories of this family.Very few plot holes, lots of plot twists and turns.I remembered Tippeecanoe and Harrison and Tyler from my junior high history, but I did not know the why Now I know some of it and will have to explore .Such a great read

    17. Once again, Sara Donati has woven a tale that s hard to put down from start to finish It s so interesting, it s hard to remember that you re hearing a little about a bit of American history The extended family encompasses all of the spirit and the genetic makeup of the American eastern frontier I ll be glad to continue reading the saga of the Bonner family in the Wilderness books to come.

    18. Everyone of us has got a few demons that we carry with us wherever we go, whether we want to or not They can t be shook off or run away from They need to be dealt with and not avoided Love the continued story of the Bonner family and friends.

    19. I have the same complaint about this book as I did the third one the time jump is not well managed Major events and character deaths should be shown to us, not told, and then eventually explained in offhand remarks Still engaging and fun, but I hope the next one carries on from this one.

    20. Author Donati does a wonderful job in setting her characters into fascinating backwaters of history She s especially good at limning the relationships between smart woman mothers daughters sisters aunts I love these books.

    21. This is an excellent series for anyone who enjoys a good generational historical novel Sara Donation has a real gift for pulling her readers into New York and Canada in the late 1700.

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