Lake in the Clouds

Lake in the Clouds Lake in the CloudsIn her extraordinary novels Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore award winning author Sara Donati deftly captured the vast untamed wilds of late eighteenth century New Y

  • Title: Lake in the Clouds
  • Author: Sara Donati
  • ISBN: 9780553582796
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lake in the CloudsIn her extraordinary novels Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore, award winning author Sara Donati deftly captured the vast, untamed wilds of late eighteenth century New York and the trials and triumphs of the spirited Bonner family Now she takes on a new chapter in the life of Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner as their brave and beautiful oldesLake in the CloudsIn her extraordinary novels Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore, award winning author Sara Donati deftly captured the vast, untamed wilds of late eighteenth century New York and the trials and triumphs of the spirited Bonner family Now she takes on a new chapter in the life of Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner as their brave and beautiful oldest daughter comes of age with a challenge that will change her forever It is the spring of 1802 and the village of Paradise is still reeling from the typhoid epidemic of the previous summer But despite a devastating personal loss, the Bonners persevere, with Hannah, Nathaniel s half Indian daughter, working as a doctor in training A gifted healer, this striking young woman of two worlds finds herself in peril when a dangerously ill runaway slave is discovered near the family home and Hannah insists on nursing the outlaw Her determination places both her family and her heart in jeopardy, for a bounty hunter is afoot and he is none other than Hannah s childhood friend and first love So begins a journey that will test the strength of the Bonners love for one another and bring Hannah to face the decision she has always dreaded will she make a life for herself in a white world, or among her mother s people

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    1. I just finished the third book in Sara Donati s series first two Into the Wilderness, Dawn on a Distant Shore Perhaps it s because I m older man now I m a little embarassed to admit this but I was getting a little choked up at certain points in Lake in the Clouds Then I realized that this is what I love about literature It makes us feel We live in an age when science has seemingly eliminated all mysteries Everything can be explained The rational approach can be applied to all problems I don t bu [...]

    2. This took a little longer to get through then I usually like I ve been in the waiting room at our children s hospital waiting for my son to come out of a 6 hour surgery While it helped the waiting to go by rather quickly, the rest of the day I picked my book up in small increments of time between trying to help keep him comfortable and I managed to crochet two slouch beanies This was still 4 stars because I m completely enjoying this series, but it wasn t my favorite so far I m not sure if that [...]

    3. I admit that, at first, I wasn t sure about this 3rd book in the series I didn t like making such a time jump from book 2 I felt as though I d missed important things in the Bonner s lives.But as I put those thoughts away and allowed myself to become part of the story, I realized that the author is intent on giving us glimpses of the most important parts of their lives We still have most of the main characters, but this time, the younger generation is growing up and, in some cases such as Hannah [...]

    4. Another excellent novel I loved that there was a much bigger focus on Hannah But in some ways I wanted intimate details I feel unsatisfied about how things left off with Liam I wanted for him and Hannah in general I also wanted to understand about her relationship with Strikes the Sky But alas that may come in novels ahead The focus on slavery also made it very interesting This has been a great series so far Looking forward to the next.

    5. This whole series has captured me this summer I swear there were days on end when I did only the minimum of work so that I could read, read, read I was disconcerted by the amount of time that had passed between the second and third book I spent a good bit of time trying to fill in the blanks This book seemed a bit pedagogic pedantic than the first two Although I agree with her points, I m not sure I like the influence on the story As always, I had a hard time seeing characters change for the w [...]

    6. This book ran the gambit in terms of likability for me.Let me start by saying that I couldn t put Into the Wilderness down when I read it Dawn on a Distant Shore was possibly one of the greatest books that I ve ever read and I d say it rivalled those of Gabaldon This book howeverWhen I started reading Lake in the Clouds, I was excited because Shell had just finished it and crazily loved it Throughout the entire beginning I was beside myself with worry over the way the plot was developing I just [...]

    7. Another absolutely stellar novel by Donati I adore the frontier world and characters she has created There are a number of twists and turns that I didn t see coming but enjoyed immensely Walks Ahead has grown up and is the centre of this instalment Can t wait for the next compelling read.

    8. Continued with the Wilderness series even though I was a little hesitant with reviews saying that the novels detract from Nathaniel and Elizabeth This one definitely shows signs of the future novels being focused mainly on the Bonner children with a large part of Lake in the Clouds dedicated to Hannah Walks Ahead.I found myself skimming Hannah s medical schooling but was riveted by her relationship with Strikes the Sky whom I approved of greatly, he does indeed seem strong enough to be husband t [...]

    9. This installment of the amazing Bonner s, tore my heart out Hannah as a young woman, blossoming into her own was amazing, and very touching The insight into the twins as they grow was a neat side story, and of course Elizabeth and Nathaniel This couple do not require words for the awe they inspire However, as I mentioned, it was a tear jerker of the first order, burstung with OMG moments, and not always easy to read, but epic in its own right Another well earned Kudos to Donati.

    10. This book is my favorite on in the series, thus far Hannah Bonner walks between two worlds and finally finds her place as a doctor wife, Walks Ahead Hannah An interesting exploration of struggling to belong.

    11. The 3rd book of the Wilderness series kept my interest with the characters the author introduced from books 1 2 The conclusion has encouraged me to read the next book from the author Great historical fiction from an adventurous era

    12. You learn about the Bonner family The children who are much older now come into the story I was so pleased to learn about Hannah and her new romance Can t wait to see how that turns out.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed Donati s third book in the series So much happens in this novel that this reader did not want to put the book down It is a definite page turner Enjoy.

    14. Book three in the six book Wilderness series These books weave together frontier life, historical tidbits and romance This book centers around Hannah, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Bonner Hannah is a gifted healer She is sent to New York to learn how to extract and administer the small pox vaccination But it is her decision, prior to leaving for New York, to nurse and heal a runaway slave that plunges her family into new dangers Bounty hunters, jealousy, man slaughter, false witness and secrets a [...]

    15. Another great book in the series There was so much nail biting in the last book, I was all prepped to lost a few nails with this one too But it is calmer the drama is local to Paradise, though there are still adventures through travel Calmer, but not boring The NYC vaccination stuff is really interesting, though heartbreaking.If there is any negative, it s that the ending left unanswered questions than usual Hannah s departure was bittersweet but full of promise However, I thought she d make [...]

    16. The continued adventures of the BonnersI gave 5 stars because I couldn t put this book down I love to knit and have WIP but can t do them until I finish these books Good sense of history and literature for those who have read classics such as Master of Ballentrye and Last of the Mohicans Story is put together well and gives a concise view of society s views regarding Indians, slavery, England and life on the frontier.

    17. I read the first two and quite enjoyed them so I thought I would with this one as well I started reading it and stopped because it takes place eight years after the last novel I was disappointed the Ms Donati had that much time between the two novels I wanted to read about Elizabeth and Nathaniel s relationship before going on with the stories of their children Was very disappointed.

    18. The massive time jumps are not well handled, in this book or the next It s quite disorienting for at least the first third of he book, and huge life events for our characters, as well as deaths of characters we have got to know, have happened off stage, to be told to us rather than shown Still, I powered through this in no time at all, thanks to the engaging characters and rollicking plot.

    19. Donati s third book starts a few years after Dawn on a Distant Shore where the twins are now young children and Hannah is a woman Some sadness has come to the Bonners view spoiler A sickness claimed their young son Robert and has left Elizabeth skittish prior to the start of the book Her father has also died and Curiosity now looks after Dr Richard Todd and his family hide spoiler One day, a young pregnant black woman stumbles onto Hidden Wolf She is a runaway slave and has people pursuing her v [...]

    20. The story is not bad but there are a lot of sad situations and not so many happy scenes to counteract the general sadness.Lots of letters but often the story misses the now part Everything is already happened.

    21. Great book A fine historical fiction, that I read many years ago, but during a drought before the Outlander 9 comes out decided to reread it This is a great book for anyone who loves historical fiction, and Native American stories.

    22. I am so happy I found this series This book is by far my favourite The other books had parts I found a bit far fetched but this book has none of that Look forward to read the next one

    23. The blurb sounded good, but I gave it 60 some odd pages, and still could not get into the storyline I think she may have introduced too many characters at once.

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