Heroides In the twenty one poems of the Heroides Ovid gave voice to the heroines and heroes of epic and myth These deeply moving literary epistles reveal the happiness and torment of love as the writers tell

  • Title: Heroides
  • Author: Ovid Harold Isbell
  • ISBN: 9780140423556
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the twenty one poems of the Heroides, Ovid gave voice to the heroines and heroes of epic and myth These deeply moving literary epistles reveal the happiness and torment of love, as the writers tell of their pain at separation, forgiveness of infidelity or anger at betrayal The faithful Penelope wonders at the suspiciously long absence of Ulysses, while Dido bitterly rIn the twenty one poems of the Heroides, Ovid gave voice to the heroines and heroes of epic and myth These deeply moving literary epistles reveal the happiness and torment of love, as the writers tell of their pain at separation, forgiveness of infidelity or anger at betrayal The faithful Penelope wonders at the suspiciously long absence of Ulysses, while Dido bitterly reproaches Aeneas for too eagerly leaving her bed to follow his destiny, and Sappho the only historical figure portrayed here describes her passion for the cruelly rejecting Phaon In the poetic letters between Paris and Helen the lovers seem oblivious to the tragedy prophesied for them, while in another exchange the youthful Leander asserts his foolhardy eagerness to risk his life to be with his beloved Hero.

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      Publius Ovidius Naso 20 March 43 BCE CE 17 18 , known as Ovid v d in the English speaking world, was a Roman poet best known for the Metamorphoses, a 15 book continuous mythological narrative written in the meter of epic, and for collections of love poetry in elegiac couplets, especially the As Love Affairs and Ars Amatoria Art of Love His poetry was much imitated during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and greatly influenced Western art and literature The Metamorphoses remains one of the most important sources of classical mythology.Ovid is traditionally ranked alongside Virgil and Horace, his older contemporaries, as one of the three canonic poets of Latin literature He was the first major Roman poet to begin his career during the reign of Augustus, and the Imperial scholar Quintilian considered him the last of the Latin love elegists He enjoyed enormous popularity, but in one of the mysteries of literary history he was sent by Augustus into exile in a remote province on the Black Sea, where he remained until his death Ovid himself attributes his exile to carmen et error, a poem and a mistake , but his discretion in discussing the causes has resulted in much speculation among scholars.Ovid s prolific poetry includes the Heroides, a collection of verse epistles written as by mythological heroines to the lovers who abandoned them the Fasti, an incomplete six book exploration of Roman religion with a calendar structure and the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto, two collections of elegies in the form of complaining letters from his exile His shorter works include the Remedia Amoris Cure for Love , the curse poem Ibis, and an advice poem on women s cosmetics He wrote a lost tragedy, Medea, and mentions that some of his other works were adapted for staged performance.


    1. I d never thought about reading by Ovid, and then I came across The Heroides while showing someone else the wonders of my city s central library Before I knew it, I had a stack of nine books in my arms, despite the fact I m about to go visit my parents via train, meaning I can t carry that many books Anyway, I was delighted to find this, and it s a nice edition too, with explanations of all the myths and extensive notes which for the most part I don t need, but which were a handy refresher when [...]

    2. 31 Heroides by Ovid, translated by Harold Isbelloriginal date circa 16 bcetranslated 1990format Paperbackacquired Half Price Books in October 2016read July 8 22rating 4There are, apparently, many different Ovids, or he was a writer who worked in multiple distinctly independent styles I would have said that differently if I hadn t started Metamorphoses before reviewing, and I would have had a vastly different impression of this if I hadn t read As and The Art of Love beforehand Ovid s love poems [...]

    3. For mythology buffs, these poems are pure joy The Heroides are a collection of 21 poems written from the perspective of heroines and heroes of epic and myth the original fan fiction Written in the first person, each poem is addressed to the writer s lover The literary device most commonly deployed by Ovid is tragic irony While the characters writing the poems do not know the outcome of the story, the reader presumably does Ovid is able to give each writer their own unique voice, and displays a s [...]

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    5. The pain that love brings upon separation from a loved one is certainly a theme that resonates with every human being besides the Stoics who proclaim that true friends and lovers are never separate if they have minds to meet within Ovid is, here as always, the most penetrating observer of human psychology this side of Shakespeare, and no amount of Freud or Jung will yield to the questing mind the insights the former pair have to offer These poems are so intimate that I by chance read aloud Dido [...]

    6. Once I found out Ovid wrote an epistolary book from the perspective of such important figures as Helen, Paris, Leander, Madea, I just had to read it So we finally know how to woe, to faint modesty, voice despair, threaten as only the ancients could with a heavy dose of passion and misogyny This was a good book if you re a fan of Greek mythology, but are not fluent in each protagonist s story since the letters themselves often make notice of the royal lineage and history of the lover so as to giv [...]

    7. Ovid you are truly a master Your poetry always reaches all the places in my heart and touches me deeply I can absolutely sympathize with the women and men in these works Love is complicated, love lost leaves much to scorn and curse in this world Circumstance is the root of so much mischief and so much heartache, this and the fickleness of men Absolutely beautiful

    8. One of Ovid s most interesting works a series of poetic letters written with a few exceptions from heroines in Greek myth to men in their lives Medea to Jason, Penelope to Odysseus, etc One or two are responses from the men, including the useless Paris.This edition Penguin Classics has good, readable translations in good poetry The introduction, introductory notes, and endnotes are detailed but tedious The introductions to each poem dwell mostly on form, content, irony, and other critical consid [...]

    9. fireworks emoji, x100 I m DONE TRANSLATING THE SAPPHO AGHHHH 220 lines what the hell ovid I m done, Dobby is a free elf I translated Ariadne, Penelope and Sappho 500 lines total this term, and read the rest of the single Heroides in translation I m planning on reading the doubles at a later date, but I didn t want it to interfere with my schoolwork I m so happy It s DONE

    10. Okay but letters from the women who always get left behind in greek myths YES PLEASE There are two letters from the men but the majority of them are from them and I didn t know I needed this until I read the first letter from Penelope.

    11. Pro s Very accessible, very personalized portraits, genuine emotion and insightful that is missing in most mythology Even better is the Woman s vantage point in all the lettersCon s Repetitive after a certain point A lot of time is spent explaining the myths that the letters touch, which is both bad and good.This book if you are a person that has a semi interest in mythology but find much of it too dry, this is the book that rips open the stuffiness, the tight Victorian corset placed on the stor [...]

    12. In the 21 poems of the Heroides, Ovid inserts himself into classical myth and epic by interjecting letters written by the heroines of larger stories So, for example, he has Penelope write to Odysseus while he is lost on his way back to Ithaka from Troy Dido to Aeneas after he has left Carthage for Rome Briseis to Achilles after she has been passed to Agamemnon etc.Usually lauded as giving a female voice to masculine epic, the Heroides, I think, is doing something complex than that and we should [...]

    13. I have two translations of Ovid s Heroides This is the second one I bought and the first one I read There s no drama, it was just that I found the second copy at a great bookstore in Saratoga Springs Lyrical Ballad and since I d been reading so much Greek and Latin lately, I wanted to read this piece of Ovid right away My first copy was on my to read bookshelf by my bed at home Anyway, my state of mind, a need for a book to read and a fantastic cover called out to me So, out came a few dollars a [...]

    14. I didn t think I would get to the Heroides this year, but then Morgan, Sana, and I were discussing Madeline Miller s upcoming Circe book and I got this sudden urge to read it Circe, too, of course, but that one is not widely available to the public yet sob Anyway, consensus I m glad I did The collection consists of three parts The first two are single letters focusing on heroines of Graeco Roman mythology and literature, most of whom have been used and screwed over by the so called heroes they w [...]

    15. This is an interesting and inventive work but I d warn not to get too caught by the novelty of the idea While you d be tempted by the line of giving the women of mythology a voice you d remember that aside from the obvious fact that it s written by a man, there is trickery Ovid is pulling poem by poem and nearly everything here requires you to read into the words rather than taking them at face value An early example of this is the letter of Briseis to Achilles at the point of the Iliad where A [...]

    16. Con dolor debo decir que si hay una zona discutible de este autor fabuloso, esa vendr an a ser estas Cartas de las Hero nas que, si bien tienen momentos de gran altura, algo inevitable debido a la envergadura literaria de su autor, realmente quedan muy peque as a la sombra de otros aspectos de su obra, ya sean las Metamorfosis, o la gracia inagotable de su Ars Amatoria La realidad es que los visos de monoton a y cierto vicio ret rico en el armado de las ep stolas van tornando tediosa la lectura [...]

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    18. The majority of Ovid s letters are wonderful insights into minor characters, even if they are pushing for Roman conservatism in gender roles That said, his emphasis on discrediting Sappho s lesbianism and her poetic mastery was nothing but petty I only gave it three stars because of the other letters, but Sappho s was truly disheartening.

    19. Estoy con los cr ticos que consideran que las cartas son poco m s un ejercicio ret rico y, en fin, palabrer a.Sirven para repasar, eso s , algunas historias, puesto que cada carta incluye un inventario de la historia de quien recibe la carta Lo cual, por cierto, muestra que estas cartas siguen centr ndose en los hombres, y no en las mujeres.

    20. Non si stringe tanto l olmo alla vite vicina quanto le tue braccia si avvinsero attorno al mio collo Ovidio, Heroides Una delle frasi pi belle di questo meraviglioso libro che non potevo non adorare dato il mio a per la mitologia.

    21. E io che pensavo che gli esercizi di stile li avesse inventati Queneau e che le interviste impossibili fossero nate alla radio e successivamente pubblicate da Bompiani Mi manca una bella fetta dei fondamentali, c poco da fare

    22. Me han gustado m s las primeras y la de Safo, porque es gay como yo xd Algunas ya al final me las he saltado, como la de Hero, porque no ten a ni repajolera idea de qui nes eran Overall de alguna manera Ovidio se ha puesto en la piel de mujeres y ha sido accurate Guau.

    23. I strained my eyes to see by moonlight, there was nothing to see but the ocean s shore Running back and forth without a plan,the loose sand slowed my young feet and all that whileI screamed Theseus along the shore and only the rocks returned my cry Each timeI called to you, the place itself felt my great grief and tried to ease my misery.

    24. I ve long been interested in Greek and Roman myths, but the complexity of the tales is forbidding The family trees and the names which over time have taken on the quality of parody are so hopelessly intertwined it s difficult to keep it all straight But I m rolling up my sleeves and reading a few volumes, including the Heroides, by Ovid, who was one of the great Roman poets.Ovid s famous recitation of myth was Metamorphoses, but Heroides has its own pleasure Told in epistolary form, it s a seri [...]

    25. Clare Pollard s brilliant version of Ovid s Heroides led me to this academic translation of Ovid s epistolary set of poems If Pollard s version was revelatory, Isbell s is useful companion Actually useful is not quite fair It is than that Ovid in Isbell s hands is still fresh and entertaining reading And it is the complete set of poems, including the later six poems that represent three exchanges between men and women, and the initial sequence that are all one way, letters from women to men Th [...]

    26. I m about halfway done in connection with a Greek Roman classics book club that is doing this over several months I ve developed my own theory about this that so far seems to be holding up.The conventional wisdom on this, as far as I ve been able to gather, is that Ovid was doing some sort of exercise writing in the voice of specific characters And it is interesting to see these secondary female characters get such profound voices.But I think there was something else going on Start with the noti [...]

    27. Ovid s Heroides by itself deserves four stars, and one off for this translation Mainly because I just really dislike when Latin poetry gets translated into rhyming verse It just seems so hokey, and I feel like the need to work everything so it rhymes warps the translation a lot Also, at one point in the preface, the translator pleads guilty to having spiced these ladylike letters with the salt of neologism and the sauce of slang Ugh Sauce of slang Really In addition he takes the letters out of t [...]

    28. Very interesting in how Ovid wanted to give these mythological ladies a voice of their own in what is essentially epic tales dominated by men and their heroic deeds It s quite repetitive in that they all essentially end up whining about how cruelly they ve been slighted, cast aside or forgotten by their men One side of me feels sorry for them because it was a time where women didn t have any say in their fate Yet the repetitive nature of the whining got on my nerves a little Overall I believe Ov [...]

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