Sam Dorsey and His Sixteen Candles

Sam Dorsey and His Sixteen Candles A tribute to John Hughes movies and the es era Sam never liked his birthdays because not a single one of them was happy When he turned one he fell face down into his birthday cake When he turned se

  • Title: Sam Dorsey and His Sixteen Candles
  • Author: Perie Wolford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A tribute to John Hughes movies and the 80es era Sam never liked his birthdays because not a single one of them was happy When he turned one, he fell face down into his birthday cake When he turned seven, he broke his arm At his twelfth birthday, his house caught fire Now Sam is about to turn sixteen and he is dreading the day.The only birthday wish he has is for JakA tribute to John Hughes movies and the 80es era.Sam never liked his birthdays because not a single one of them was happy When he turned one, he fell face down into his birthday cake When he turned seven, he broke his arm At his twelfth birthday, his house caught fire Now Sam is about to turn sixteen and he is dreading the day.The only birthday wish he has is for Jake Timbers, the Mr Popular of Arcadia High, to acknowledge his existence, or better yet give him a happy birthday kiss But that s unlikely to happen Or is it Disclaimer The plot of the book substantially varies from the movie and all the references are made as a tribute to its awesomeness.

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    1. The teen years of my generation can be summed up by the collective works of John Hughes so when I saw a book was coming out loosely based on the classic, Sixteen Candles, I knew I d be reading it That is actually kind of a big deal because I m not much of a YA reader That being said, some of my favorite books have been classified as YA, so I m not sure why some formulas work for me and some don t, but this This did It read like I was watching a John Hughes movie for the first time, yet was still [...]

    2. I really liked this book I mean, the story was brilliant, that birthday curse thing and everything The writing style is a little juvenile for my taste, but I guess it is YA, so it was okay I loved the story though I m a big fan of JH movies and Sixteen Candles And this book was original but it really had that John Hughes feel about it.As for the characters, I liked practically all of them I loved Melissa, even though she s a sidekick Sam is kinda passive and indecisive at first, but then life te [...]

    3. Great book Very romantic and funny too I liked Sam and Mitch most but I think all the characters were adorable It was a very light read, reminded me of Geography club a lot And I just LOVE Geography club series I read it in one take, which I rarely do I was captivated and I wanted to know what was going to happen in the end And this book didn t let me down at all I loved it, all of it Looking forward to reading the sequel

    4. I absolutely LOVED this one What a great way to pay tribute to a great movie I like that there s a love triangle in the book, unlike in the movie, it makes things a lot spicier And drama, duh Mitch is my favorite, after Sam that is, of course Loved it, want the sequel right NOW

    5. I m such a fan of Sixteen Candles and other 80es classics When I ve read the blurb or this one I knew I wanted to read it And I loved it I got so many positive emotions out of it The whole birthday drama is hilarious and that love triangle is brilliant It s one of those sunny and light books without any extraneous drama, much like Brent Hartinger s books which I adore 5 stars Looking forward to read the next one

    6. I enjoyed this book quite a lot, made me think of my high school years which were also in the 80es view spoiler The story follows Sam who is a sopho student at Arcadia High love that name btw Sam s character was inspired by Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles movie by John Hughes I think the two of them have some similarities but I wouldn t say that they are the same person This story is very different from the plot of the movie Sam has a crush on Jake Timbers, inspired by Jake from Sixteen Cand [...]

    7. This book is so cute A fantastic gay read It reminded me of Geography club a little bit It was sunny and fun, very romantic There are not so many books like that and I m so glad I stumbled upon this one I read it in one take, couldn t go to sleep until I finished it Loved Sam and Mitch storyline I can t wait to read the sequel.

    8. What an awesome mm read It kept me up late last night because I just had to finish it I fell in love with Sam and Mitch and Jake, and even the secondary characters were awesome And I especially loved the Sixteen Candles atmosphere about it Awesome book Looking forward to read the sequel

    9. My review of Turning 16 on GreedyBug Book Reviews.This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

    10. I received this book via Don t Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.I had such high hopes for this book REALLY I adore the work of John Hughes, and I grew up in the 80 s so this was going to be a slam dunk winner if the book lived up to its billing Sadly, no.Sam is a 16y o boy who has a crush on Jake, a senior and star football player He loves to bask in the glow of Jake and does so regularly as the towel boy on the team Sam has regular fantasies wet dreams over this stud knowing [...]

    11. I loved this one, but the writing style and characters really did feel full on YA compared to say Mia Kerick s YA works Sam is sweet, but insanely clueless for the most part, and the shit that his birthday curse get him into is pretty funny Plus, his wet dream scenes, which happened every morning, were both sexy and hilarious.I also LOVED Mitch in this book, but we didn t really get to know Jake all that well first hand, which is odd because he s such a central part of the love triangle.As the b [...]

    12. Super cute YA romance Sam s wet dreams were pretty hot and funny which I know is a weird combo but it worked Both Mitch and Sam are endearing characters Sam was a bit dense when it came to Mitch but it all worked out in the end Can t wait to read the sequel when it is released in March.

    13. I am a HUGE John Hughes fan Well, fan may be putting it lightly I am the girl who wanted to move to Shermer, Illinois until I found out it was a fictional town and then I didn t care and still wanted to move to it I can recite lines from any of his movies verbatim and just happened to have named my youngest son after one of the movies he directed no NOT Ferris but don t think I didn t try that one So, being a John Hughes fan, when I saw this book I knew I had to try it I mean, a boy named Sam is [...]

    14. I have been chatting with the author since my review This book is slated for editing and I have offered to re evaluate the book and adjust my review accordingly at that time I like the base of the story, and really want to encourage Perie Wolford continue writing I am not sure if my copy was the same as what everyone else read It was provided by the author for an honest review.First off I actually went to Perie s page to make sure english was his first language before writing this review He was [...]

    15. I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review.We should all have Sam s problem of having two boys fighting over him, but we should not have his bad luck with birthdays This is a cute and obviously YA book.I could have done with out the graphic balloons like from an old Batman episode to me that was the main distraction This book read as if the 16 year old who was the narrator wrote it it was cute endeaering and he made these snarky and sarcastic remarks I enjoyed it, but realize that [...]

    16. Original Blog Post 50%Off coupon code included in post headouttheoven 20Maybe it is because I fell in love with Jake of Sixteen Candles, way back when I was around 14 or so, that I fell in love with Turning 16 It is Sam s birthday He does not have good memories of his past birthdays As he struggles to get through this one day, he connects with Mitch in detention Mitch is a jock he found cute, but not as cute as Jake not the movie Jake, Sam s Jake To make his day even confusing, he meets eyes wi [...]

    17. Awesome book It s romantic and funny It s exactly what I thought it was gonna be The grammar could have used some improving though But I still loved it I m looking forward to read Turning 17

    18. This was cute and romantic I liked how we were only privvy to Sam s extremely tunnel visioned view of events and people in his life The author cleverly let his audience see when we needed to, and held back when we didn t.It was also fun The whole debacle with the birthday curse was used effectively to up the stakes in Sam s anxiety and angst levels.Even though I could flag where this was going, I enjoyed the ride.

    19. Reviewed by LucyGenre M M Young Adult4 HeartsSee Review Here Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link facebook pages HeartsReview First off, at the risk of alienating fans, I am not a fan of Sixteen Candles Or Molly Ringwald, for that matter, so the idea that this is a homage to that movie was neither here nor there for me What this was, however, was an awesome look at the 16th birthday time of Sam Sam of the birthday curse Everything bad happens on his birthday or his birthday week.Told in first per [...]

    20. It s been a while since I read a YA novel and I m glad I came across this one because it was a very entertaining read indeed First off, let me just say that being an 80 s baby, I haven t seen Sixteen Candles yet so I m basing my review solely on the plot Fortunately, it turned out to be a decent read It pretty much covers the life of 16 year old closeted gay Sam and his ongoing dislike towards his birthday which seems to be a beacon for constant bad luck The setting only covers almost a week yet [...]

    21. Perie Wolford captured 16 year old MC, Sam s voice perfectly The caring, but somewhat naive lead in this story was completely adorable and I was on his side from page one Sam was great but I loved Mitch the most, I m not sure why, there was something endearingly vulnerable about him, despite his obvious cool jock factor The iconic film the author drew inspiration from I watched so long ago I can barely remember it yet now I have a hankering to watch some of those John Hughes classics This book w [...]

    22. Adorable I m not completely sure where I heard about this book, because when I decided to look it up I noticed I already owned it Maybe I read something about it on , IDK, but most recently is was on Scott Burkett s list ggr review misfits I found it already on my laptop and decided to read it today I WAS GLUED TO EVERY WORD This is an adorable YA story and I really enjoyed reading it Being a 16 Candles fan from way back I could see the parallels The writing is wonderful, the relationships belie [...]

    23. was a quick and fun read, but probably the author is new in this genre or he watch too much John Hughes movie

    24. Cute coming of age story told in an after school special kind of way The lack of editing was a distraction for me.Will definitely check out the next book in this series 3.5 stars.

    25. Oh god, this was offensively bad Tip of the day Don t waste your time on this book.I don t know why and how I ended up reading this piece of trash, but let me tell you, I hated every single second of it I hate every character, I hate the plot what plot though and I hate the writing The only reason I managed to finish this is because it s only about 150 pages short AND THANK FUCK FOR THAT.Spoilers for the whole plot ahead, but idc because no one should be reading this book anyway Okay so this is [...]

    26. Turning 16 is the first in Perie Wolford s series of YA MM books based loosely on the John Hughes films from the 1980s Some of his titless are Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club, which is still one of my favorite movies and is popular with today s teenagers too The message that we are all different and feel insecure at times is a timeless one This first book is all about Sam and his hellish sixteenth birthday Molly Ringwald he isn t I don t personally believe in curses, but S [...]

    27. Look for this review and at my blog, Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews.Turning 16 caught my eye because of the eighties theme and the fact that it is set in high school which is not the most common setting for m m romance I am a huge fan of John Hughes movies especially Sixteen Candles so I found this to be a sweet and entertaining homage to that film genre The entire story was told from the point of view of Sam, a sixteen year old boy who suffers from a birthday curse He strongly believes that his b [...]

    28. This book was provided free in return for an honest review 2.5 stars If there is one thing I ve learned recently, it s that a little editing goes a long way And this book needed A LOT of editing Sam, the main character, is a just turned sixteen year old in 1985 However, it might as well have been written by a 13 year old for the lack of structure and errors in text And 1985 the author I m assuming by his picture was born about 20 years too late Showing my age here, but that was me 1985, sopho in [...]

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