Three Weeks With My Brother

Three Weeks With My Brother The day the brochure came was a typical one With a wife and five small children a hectic schedule and a new book due to his publishers Nicholas Sparks was busy with his usual routine The colorful m

  • Title: Three Weeks With My Brother
  • Author: Nicholas Sparks Micah Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780446694858
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • The day the brochure came was a typical one With a wife and five small children, a hectic schedule, and a new book due to his publishers, Nicholas Sparks was busy with his usual routine The colorful mailer, however, described something very different a tour to some of the most exotic places on Earth Slowly, an idea took hold in Nicholas s mind and heart In January 200The day the brochure came was a typical one With a wife and five small children, a hectic schedule, and a new book due to his publishers, Nicholas Sparks was busy with his usual routine The colorful mailer, however, described something very different a tour to some of the most exotic places on Earth Slowly, an idea took hold in Nicholas s mind and heart In January 2003, Nicholas Sparks and his brother, Micah, set off on a three week trip around the globe It was to mark a milestone in their lives, for at thirty seven and thirty eight respectively, they were now the only surviving members of their family And as they voyaged to the lost city of Machu Picchu high in the Andes to mysterious Easter Island to Ayers Rock in the Australian outback and across the vast Indian subcontinent, the ultimate story of their lives would unfold Against the backdrop of the wonders of the world and often overtaken by their feelings, daredevil Micah and the serious, introspective Nicholas recalled their rambunctious childhood adventures and the tragedies that tested their faith And in the process, they discovered startling truths about loss, love and hope Narrated with irrepressible humor and rare candor, and including personal photographs, Three Weeks with my Brother reminds us to embrace life with all its uncertainties and most of all, to cherish the joyful times, both small and momentous, and the wonderful people who make them

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      Nicholas Sparks is one of the world s most beloved storytellers All of his books have been New York Times bestsellers, with over 105 million copies sold worldwide, in than 50 languages, including over 75 million copies in the United States alone.Sparks wrote one of his best known stories, The Notebook, over a period of six months at age 28 It was published in 1996 and he followed with the novels Message in a Bottle 1998 , A Walk to Remember 1999 , The Rescue 2000 , A Bend in the Road 2001 , Nights in Rodanthe 2002 , The Guardian 2003 , The Wedding 2003 , True Believer 2005 and its sequel, At First Sight 2005 , Dear John 2006 , The Choice 2007 , The Lucky One 2008 , The Last Song 2009 , Safe Haven 2010 , The Best of Me 2011 , and The Longest Ride 2013 as well as the 2004 non fiction memoir Three Weeks With My Brother, co written with his brother Micah His eighteenth novel, See Me, published on October 12, 2015 His newest book, Two by Two, will be published on October 4, 2016.Film adaptations of Nicholas Sparks novels, including The Choice, The Longest Ride, The Best of Me, Safe Haven on all of which he served as a producer , The Lucky One, Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John and The Last Song, have had a cumulative worldwide gross of over three quarters of a billion dollars.In 2012, Sparks and his publishing agent and creative partner Theresa Park, launched Nicholas Sparks Productions, with Park as President of Production A film version of The Guardian is currently in development, as is a film based on Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers s friendship with Chicago Bears teammate Brian Piccolo.Sparks lives in North Carolina He contributes to a variety of local and national charities, and is a major contributor to the Creative Writing Program MFA at the University of Notre Dame, where he provides scholarships, internships, and a fellowship annually He co founded The Epiphany School in New Bern, North Carolina in 2006 As a former full scholarship athlete he still holds a track and field record at the University of Notre Dame he also spent four years coaching track and field athletes at the local public high school In 2009, the team he coached at New Bern High School set a World Junior Indoor Record in the 4 x400 meter, in New York The record still stands Click to watch the Runner s World video with Nicholas.The Nicholas Sparks Foundation, a 501 c 3 nonprofit committed to improving cultural and international understanding through global education experiences for students of all ages was launched in 2011 Between the foundation, and the personal gifts of the Sparks family, than 15 million dollars have been distributed to deserving charities, scholarship programs, and projects Because the Sparks family covers all operational expenses of the foundation, 100% of donations are devoted to programs.


    1. I ve read a lot of books by Nicholas Sparks in the past and I am quite curious on the life of this author When I saw this book, I was intrigued not only by the title, but it piqued again my curiosity about Nicholas Sparks childhood and family This was on my to read list for quite a while and recently I was checking on what book I should read next I grabbed right away the opportunity to read it and it didn t disappoint me If you are fan of Sparks works and also curious on his life, you should che [...]

    2. I learned that Life is not fairGod works all things out in the end, even if to us it doesn t seem right.A family must stay together through it all MATTER WHAT Noone is perfectwe should try looking at ourselves firstInvesting in your children and their future is pricelessWe all must get away sometimes to sort through our bag of trash and emotions that we have picked up along life s journey.A man and wife are truly a team and I need to figure out how to have that kind of partnership before childre [...]

    3. This one s specifically for John look I know you don t respect Nicholas Sparks, but you ve got to admit that if someone presented you with the opportunity to make millions upon millions of dollars by writing books you d probably take it, even if all you could write were romance novels Nevertheless, this book has absolutely nothing to do with The Notebook or Message in a Bottle and I guarantee if you read it, you will appreciate it So do it, just like I read Game of Thrones for you.

    4. Thanks to my mom for introducing me to this book, it is totally different than any other Nicholas Sparks book It is actually a memoir written by his brother and himself Tells the story of his life in a very personal way as he takes a 3 week trip around the world with his brother Warning it is a very sad book I loved it though couldn t put it down Makes me want to go read all his other books now that I know where he got his inspiration.

    5. I wasn t reviewing when I read this Loved it Obviously they are in a position of privilege, but the moral themes discussed I enjoyed.

    6. Sparks beautifully weaves stories from his childhood with a trip around the world with his brother Have tissues on hand It ll make you cry.

    7. To any of my reading buddies, it s no secret that I pretty much loathe the novels of Nicholas Sparks I have tried them, and nope, not for me There s a history and a story there, which I ve recorded elsewhere, but the main part of that story is that I do have personal respect for the man, after a chance encounter with him at a Books A Million years ago.A huge crowd of women were fluttering around an author He was a clean cut, preppie ish kind of guy I remember that his blue shirt had an unfortuna [...]

    8. I definitely liked Nicholas Sparks autobiography than I thought I would and considering I am only giving it two stars, that doesn t say much This book is kind of two stories wrapped together the first being Nick s 3 week trip around the world with his brother the only other living member of his family the second story is how they got to be the only living members in their family aka their family life and the separate deaths of their mother, sister and father I found myself much interested in t [...]

    9. I m old enough now that I no longer apologize for anything that I read I certainly no longer feel that I have to justify my reading selections to anyone or feel bad if I read popular fiction, etc With that said, I read Sparks fiction regardless of the disdain I receive from some of my peers I picked this book up expecting the same cliched, romantic, overdone plot of his fiction books I was pleasantly surprised that this book was different I have a complicated relationship with my family, and thi [...]

    10. This is what happens when prisons don t employ librariansa bunch of male offenders pick dreck like this Now I want to read The Notebook, only to figure out how to sell a novel in one week for a million dollars If this guy can do it, anyone can I m thinking the secret is exploit tragedy to its extreme, and continually refer to what a good Christian you are And be a huge UGLY AMERICAN and then be kind of proud of it.Yes, Micah, you definitely deserve to be the one guy in centuries they allow to ha [...]

    11. I have never read a Nicholas Sparks book before in my life Nor have I seen any of the movies based on his books To tell you the truth, his stuff has always looked very cheesy, generic, and melodramatic to me.However, this is not one of his fiction books This is a two part memoir, written with his older brother Micah One part of the memoir is about their childhood The other part is about a 3 week trip around the world that they took together in 2002 Each chapter starts with a certain phase of the [...]

    12. This is my third book of Nicholas Sparks I bought this because this is his only non fiction book and it is partly his biography as well as a travelogue so it is like buying 2 books at the same time I remember that the reason why I bought Message in the Bottle was that I saw the movie and I wanted to read and further enjoy the letters in the bottle I bought his other novel The Lucky One last year in LAX because I saw that it topped the New York Times Bestsellers List and I had to kill time in the [...]

    13. I read this fabulous book in one weekend, zipping through it cover to cover It was one of the first books I read on the Kindle and found myself making notes on the electronic device at both funny and poignant moments The writing is conversational, the dialogue true to life, and as an autobiographical account of Sparks relationship with his brother, very touching and sweet In one scene, Sparks tells us about his attempt at the famed wooden rocket powered by CO2 cartridge feat in the Cub Scouts I [...]

    14. I sit back and listen to many in our field librarianship destroy this man He writes chick books not my words , he has no talent, he uses software templates, every story is the same, his career has been handed to him, he s so lucky While what is true is that what sparks does is what many of us wish we could do he finishes novels He doesn t just start them.And now that I ve read this memoir I have come to realize that the man behind these novels that make me cry and laugh out loud has overcome ext [...]

    15. I ve made a vowat I won t read any other books by Nicholas Sparks I m not a romance novel kinda guy I m just not It s not that I have an unusually gruff exterior or anything like that It s just that they bore me and if I m up for some romance, I d rather migrate that energy into toward my wife than read about it and spend the energy, then treat her like a buddy later.So, when I read this book, it appealed to me on different levels I related to the author s family life My parents died when I was [...]

    16. This is a tough book to review It was really fascinating to me to hear about Nicholas Sparks life It was emotional and unbelievable that anyone could go through so much sadness in their life As with most of his books, this one got me teary eyed a few times The story itself goes through his trip around the world with his brother, most of which I found a little boring Then, intertwined is the story of his life, that part was good I found myself skimming, or skipping all together, a lot of the trip [...]

    17. This book for me had me going from laughter to melancholy, from sad and upset but overall I enjoyed this book and I can highly recommend it.It covers 3 weeks wheree nick and his big brother Micah go on a group trip around the world, visiting among other places as lalibela,Ethiopia, machu picchu, the temples of Cambodia, the inka pyrimids, Easter islands and other places like that In between he writes about his life growing up and all the strains and loss that he and Micah had to cope with.After [...]

    18. I am grateful to have selected this book during my 4 days of vacation I just couldnt resist the book With the pace I was reading, I knew it would be finishing in a day and it did The book starts off with Nicholas making plans to go on a trip with his brother and when they finally start out on the journey, its not only mesmerizing but also leads Nicholas to introspect on certain aspects of his life.I have had the privilege to have the wonderful places described by my famous author in this book At [...]

    19. I read this book because it meant alot to my sons They related to it and because of some tragedies in our livesI also could relate It is the story of Nicholas Sparks and his brother and the importance of family Even in the face of death and grief, there is strength to carry on when it is shared with loved ones My main source of strength is Jesus and it is because of the hope I have in Him that I am able to contnue I don t always thrive, as this book days it s just enough to get by [...]

    20. Well, I read half of it, put it down to sleep then didn t pick it up again for a few weeks Usually a bad sign, but not really in this case It wasn t a riveting read, but it was very well constructed Went back and forth between the present world spanning trip and memories of the past, but in a way that seemed fairly natural instead of forced Made me want to check out another Spark s book to see how his fiction reads.

    21. A great book It is an autobiography that completely dispels any notion the author has had a charmed life the need for which dispelling he admits.

    22. I m not a big Nicholas Sparks fan, but my mother recommended this book to me Because you ve been to so many of the places they visit Its an easy read, and one that uses the time honored narrative trope of using present events to frame a story of the past But I almost feel like the book itself didn t need that trope the story of Sparks life growing up with his brother and less importantly, his parents and sister was compelling enough to stand alone as a narrative In fact, I found the parts of the [...]

    23. Three Weeks with My Brother is a heart warming story about, well, two brothers These two brothers, Nicholas and Micah, can not be different What I loved about Three Weeks with My Brother is that it had two plot lines One was following the childhood of Nicholas and Micah The other followed what the reader assumed to be the present Micah and Nicholas s trip around the world Threading two plot lines into one story can be a challenge to some writers because it is difficult to connect the two tales [...]

    24. I loved this book because of it s relation to what I went through at the loss of my parents Not with my brother but, alone Yes, I have a step mother half sister but, i am alone now because those relationships are not bonds that hold me to them like the bond of my parents There are no other siblings.That is why I feel so deeply the pleasure of our own family and thank God every day for giving us the family I enjoy love with every fiber of my beingis is copied from another I could not say it bette [...]

    25. First, a disclaimer I have never read a Nicholas Sparks book and I am not a fan of the movie adaptations of his novels The stories just seem ridiculously sappy.I bought Three Weeks with My Brother for my friend as a birthday gift It is a memoir written by both Nicholas Sparks and his brother, Micah It sounded like the perfect present for my friend She read it and loved it and wanted me to read it I was not sure what to expect and ended up blown away by it.The memoir jumps between the brothers go [...]

    26. This is one of those books that you oculd read over and over and over and still be in awe when you finish it It s truly a amazing I recommend it to anyone I read it when I ws 11 12 years old and I m 14 now Yes, I was young but I started reading adult books early My grandpa bought the book in a wal mart when we were on vacation and never read it but I picked it up I was drawn to it only because it s a memoir It s written very intrestingly It follows Nicholas Sparks and his brother, Micah on a 3 w [...]

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