Conversations With the Fat Girl

Conversations With the Fat Girl Everyone seems to be getting on with their lives except Maggie At she s still serving coffee at The Beanery Coffee House while her friends are getting married having babies and having real care

  • Title: Conversations With the Fat Girl
  • Author: Liza Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780446693950
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone seems to be getting on with their lives except Maggie At 26, she s still serving coffee at The Beanery Coffee House, while her friends are getting married, having babies, and having real careers Even Olivia, Maggie s best friend from childhood, is getting married to the doctor with whom she lives Maggie s roommate Her dog Solo his name says it all The man iEveryone seems to be getting on with their lives except Maggie At 26, she s still serving coffee at The Beanery Coffee House, while her friends are getting married, having babies, and having real careers Even Olivia, Maggie s best friend from childhood, is getting married to the doctor with whom she lives Maggie s roommate Her dog Solo his name says it all The man in Maggie s life Well there isn t one, except the guy she has a crush on, Domenic, who works with her at the coffee shop as a bus boy.

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      Liza Palmer is the internationally bestselling author of Conversations with the Fat Girl , which has been optioned for series by HBO Library Journal said Palmer s blend of humor and sadness is realistic and gripping, After earning two Emmy nominations writing for the first season of VH1 s Pop Up Video, she now knows far too much about Fergie.Palmer s fifth novel, Nowhere but Home, is about a failed chef who decides to make last meals for the condemned in Texas Nowhere but Home won the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction in 2013 Liza s seventh novel, The F Word, is due out through Flatiron Books April 25, 2017 Liza lives in Los Angeles and when she s not drinking tea and talking about The Great British Bake Off, she works at BuzzFeed.


    1. I read Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer, and it was one of those books that touched me in a lot of ways I found myself identifying with the main character, Maggie, in so many ways and recognizing myself in many of her thoughts The basic gist is Maggie is 27, single, overweight, and working a lousy job while waiting for the right one to come by Her best friend, Olivia, had gastric bypass surgery a number of years ago and is now getting married, but since Olivia has found the Land of [...]

    2. I ve been re reading this book for years It has become a comfort read, and mainly that s because I saw parts of me in Maggie from beginning to end Who hasn t been unhappy with their appearance or their current place in life And who hadn t had someone who was once a best friend that you can feel yourself growing away from to the point you wonder why in the world are you friends Conversations With the Fat Girl showcases Maggie who s in her late twenties and who feels adrift from where she currentl [...]

    3. After reading and loving Liza Palmer s second book,Seeing Me Naked, I had high expectations for her first novel Conversations with the Fat Girl was not a disappointment It follows lifelong fat girl Maggie who works at a coffee shop even though she has a masters degree in art restoration Maggie is also hopelessly in love with Domenic a 28 year old coffee shop busboy who moonlights as a doll maker But she s afraid to let him get too close for fear he will see her Area and lose what interest he see [...]

    4. I really liked this book Obviously, from the four star rating All of the characters read real, as did the events although Who has money to just head off to Vegas for a weekend, especially when one works at a coffee shop This part struck me as unbelievable and relationships I really appreciated Maggie s growth, and was very happy for her at the end This is a book that I didn t really want to see end.There isn t any smut in this book, so people who prefer their reading to be smut free will enjoy i [...]

    5. The book was just ok The ending was good and redeemed the book a little However, the main character was whiny and I felt somewhat of a connection, but not enough to care about what happened during the whole first 3 4 of the book.

    6. I really disliked this book I couldn t even get halfway through it The way they talk about over weight people is horrible It s supposed to be ok because the girl herself is fat, so therefore she can say whatever she wants because that s what all fat people really think to themselves While that may be true, it isn t what they should be thinking They should be focusing on the best things about themselves I started to get really angry at the character for what she was saying Then I realized that I [...]

    7. I wrote this as an essay report for a class It s long and not all that well written, but it gets across the impact this book had on me If you havent read the book, but plan on reading it, I should warn you this might be considered a spoiler Conversations with the fat girl by Liza Palmer is a novel about a woman named Maggie and her struggle to overcome her worst fear herself Maggie is an artist, she is accomplished, educated and beautiful So naturally one might ask, Why is she working in a coff [...]

    8. Near the beginning of this novel, I really felt for the main character As I am a fat girl myself, I could identify with some of the feelings and thoughts that Maggie had I also thought she was quite funny One of my favorite parts of the whole book is when Maggie was imagining Olivia and her children looking at pictures from the wedding and saying with a British accent, no less , Mummy, who is that fat woman I m frightened I shall have nightmares if I have to look at her another moment Disclaimer [...]

    9. I read this book many years ago and am probably do for a re read now that I have experienced a influx of weight and decrease of esteem I read it long ago when I was slim but didn t believe I was and could relate to her feelings, particularly this quote my relationship with my body is like that of an egomaniac with a self esteem problem mostly i think about myself and how much i suck but there are rare moments when i walk around for hours and think i look amazing either i feel great about myself [...]

    10. I liked and did not like this book Sometimes it depicted the sense of poor self esteem just to well and it was painful to read The main character was smart, loved and supported by her family yet she could not seem to stop obsessing about her weight and body beyond the negative aspects It is hard to hear someone talk about their big ass and their ugliness yet my experience as an overweight woman is that there was just to much truth in that repetative little self talk tape.The second story line is [...]

    11. Well, a book that definitely surprised me in positive and negative ways I was concerned when I decided to choose this book for the challenge that it would center on a character that only complained about her weight and didn t do anything to change her life Half right and half wrong, she was definitely a whiner, but she did start doing some things to help with the weight.The whining that set me off was all about her former best friend Olivia who was once a big girl and due to gastric bypass is no [...]

    12. I m not a big chick lit fan but this was my book club s pick for July I don t think the writing style is particularly great I tripped over some of the phrasing and repetitiveness but I did end up really enjoying the protagonist in this story Maggie is fat, and her best friend Olivia is now skinny as the result of gastric bypass surgery As the dynamic of their friendship changes, Maggie is forced to ask herself some tough questions about what this relationship is worth to her and how much she val [...]

    13. This was another box sale book, one that I had already read before And enjoyed But in the years since I last read it, I forgot it actually, I got I confused with aBeth Harbison book that I read five years ago, and looking at the summary, the best friend is named Olivia, so it makes sense.While I enjoyed this book when I read it a million years ago, I wasn t such a fan this time Maggie was such a sad sack, moping about everything It got tiresome to read about her pity party And just as things sta [...]

    14. This is one of the best books about the ugly side of female friendships I ve read Actually, it s probably the best, since I generally have issues with the fantasy style portrayal of BFFs in fiction Also, this is an interesting exploration of the dissonance between the way people especially women see themselves and the way others see them and the idea of constructed identities.Also, this book is quite hilarious.

    15. Not very well written The story was okay and the characters were relatively likeable It was nice to see her stand up for herself in the end But I am getting tired of novels with fat women as protagonists whose lives are terrible and whose lives only get better when they decide to start losing weight and stop being fat For once I d like to see some plus sized protagonists who are happy and feel good about themselves and don t feel the need to change to fit society s conventions

    16. I read this a while ago, but I remember that I really, REALLY loved it It was one of those I have to underline stuff in this book, NOW books, because there were so many quotes and passages that captured my attention and my own life so completely.If you ve ever been the fat friend, the other girl, the girl who s always one of the guys, then you ll probably love what this book has to say.Highly, highly recommended.

    17. I liked the beginning but then I was just and bored I dident dnf because it it had some redeming qualities but in the end Wasted potential.

    18. Review originally posted here paperiot 2014 02 revieI ve done everything but shout my love for Liza Palmer s writing from the rooftops in an attempt to convince everyone to pick up at least one of her novels She became one of my all time favorite authors after reading my first of her books, Nowhere But Home So, needless to say, my expectations were extremely high when I started reading Conversations with the Fat Girl One of the many reasons that I fell in love with Nowhere But Home was because o [...]

    19. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS So, I enjoyed the main character Maggie although she is a little self pitying, isn t everyone to some extent She has issues with the way she see s her body which is obviously hinted at by the title of the book and has had them throughout her life.Her best friend, Olivia, was also a fat girl in school though Olivia was always a lot bigger than Maggie Maggie and Olivia are now older, at 28 Maggie is working in a coffee shop and is not pursuing or using the amazing art skills a [...]

    20. This was a good read for what it was light,entertaining chick lit.I enjoyed it for the way it was written rather than the plot, or even the characters The author does humor well the main character, Maggie, had a few one liners that actually made me laugh out loud.The plot, on the other hand, seemed not quite realistic, so if you re going to enjoy the book, my advice is not to get too caught up in it I ve never lived in LA, but I can t imagine working as a barista can give you enough money to ren [...]

    21. Mmmmm, I m just not sure how I felt about this book Two stars felt a little harsh, but then that would have felt dishonest I think the thing I struggled with the most was that I never really felt a connection with the main character I felt that, being a girl who perpetually struggles with weight herself, I would find some sort of connection with her, but I didn t In all honesty, I thought that her weight was probably the least of her problems What really bothered me about this book, and books s [...]

    22. Where to begin I couldn t stand this book There were several times that I had to close the book and walk away because I was so annoyed and frustrated at the main character, Maggie I just wanted to shake her and tell her to grow up and stop feeling so sorry for herself I couldn t handle being friends with this girl And her constant references to someone being golden drove me crazy.oh, and girlies.I wanted to strangle her.The only character with any redeeming qualities was her sister, Kate The sce [...]

    23. This book is incredibly funny I didn t expect it to be I got it at the local thrift shop for 99 cents I thought it was going to be some chick lit story with a predictable story line However, I was pleasantly surprised I m surprised by the negative one star reviews This story is leaps and bounds ahead of anything I ve read in the Shopaholic series, which is quite popular and a lot shallower The heroine in this story is hilarious She is wracked with self doubt, loathing and self pity Her breakthro [...]

    24. Beyond the fact that I m sick of the fat girl who is never really as fat as she believes always being portrayed as having incredibly low self esteemere were pages in the book where I felt like the author was writing some inside joke that I just didn t get There were passages I would reread and just say how did we make the jump to this while scratching my head Also, I had the absolute hardest time convincing myself that Maggie was actually my age because the voice she was written in definitely so [...]

    25. Although I only gave it 3 stars I still think this book is worth ready I loved the story I found the characters all very relatable, especially Maggie A lot of fears and insecurities she has I can relate to completely The only reason I took off two stars was because 1 There were a few continuity issues I found in the book and 2 The ending was much too rushed There are a few areas in the book I wish would have been developed I think this would have been better is it were made into a series, but m [...]

    26. This book will be on my favorite book list forever This book spoke to me in ways not a lot of literature can It actually made me pissed off, laugh out loud until tears ran down my face, smile so big you would have thought it was ME winning in the end, and really caused me to step back, and look at my life Am I doing what I love, or am I afraid to go after what I really want This book, at the risk of recieving a restraining order from Ms Palmer, is like a bible to all of the chubby girls who feel [...]

    27. Sorry didn t like it, maybe that is how all chick lit is not generally a fan but I found the naivity and childlikeness of the main character to be unbelieavable and irritating Also if you plan to write a book where nothing happens it at least has to be wonderfully well written This wasn t As the title was pretty great I expected better but the main reason I finished was to post a negative review

    28. Very, very good book Much intelligent than the chick lit label would lead you to think April 2013 Upon reread, just as good as I remembered.

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