Tortuga th Anniversary Edition with a new Afterword by the author Rudolfo Anaya s personal journey to Tortuga began one desert hot day when as an adolescent he and some friends were swimming in irrigatio

  • Title: Tortuga
  • Author: Rudolfo Anaya
  • ISBN: 9780826336248
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • 25th Anniversary Edition, with a new Afterword by the author Rudolfo Anaya s personal journey to Tortuga began one desert hot day when, as an adolescent, he and some friends were swimming in irrigation ditches He dove in, sustaining an injury that put him in the hospital for an arduous period of time Tortuga is set in a hospital for crippled children and is based on Ana25th Anniversary Edition, with a new Afterword by the author Rudolfo Anaya s personal journey to Tortuga began one desert hot day when, as an adolescent, he and some friends were swimming in irrigation ditches He dove in, sustaining an injury that put him in the hospital for an arduous period of time Tortuga is set in a hospital for crippled children and is based on Anaya s swimming accident He explores the significance of pain and suffering in a young boy s life and the importance of spiritual recovery as well as medical Tortuga, or Turtle, is the name of the oddly shaped mountain near the hospital, but Tortuga also points toward the rigid cast that encases the young hero s body In celebration of the twenty five years since the first edition of Tortuga was published, Rudolfo Anaya has provided an Afterword to share his memories of those days in the hospital and how they impacted the remainder of his life.

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      Rudolfo Anaya lives and breathes the landscape of the Southwest It is a powerful force, full of magic and myth, integral to his writings Anaya, however, is a native Hispanic fascinated by cultural crossings unique to the Southwest, a combination of oldSpain and New Spain, of Mexico with Mesoamerica and the anglicizing forces of the twentieth century Rudolfo Anaya is widely acclaimed as the founder of modern Chicano literature According to the New York Times, he is the most widely read author in Hispanic communities, and sales of his classic Bless Me, Ultima 1972 have surpassed 360,000, despite the fact that none of his books have been published originally by New York publishing houses His works are standard texts in Chicano studies and literature courses around the world, and he has done than perhaps any other single person to promote publication of books by Hispanic authors in this country With the publication of his novel, Albuquerque 1992 ,Newsweek has proclaimed him a front runner in what is better called not the new multicultural writing, but the new American writing His most recent volume, published in 1995, is Zia Summer I ve always used the technique of the cuento I am an oral storyteller, but now I do it on the printed page I think if we were very wise we would use that same tradition in video cassettes, in movies, and on radio from unm wrtgsw anayamlandgale.cengage free_reso


    1. I am only giving this book 3 stars instead of 2 because some of the writing style and prose was beautiful Otherwise it would have been 2 stars I did not really enjoy the book The story was too dark and the back and forth between dreams and reality were confusing to me Some of the dreams were like nonsensical ranting rather than a meaningful message I also did not enjoy the crude banter between the patients or the crude way the hospital staff at times interacted I could say a lot like who the h [...]

    2. At first the subject actually made me a little uncomfortable Soon, however, I was truly drawn in to the incredible world the author has created for these characters

    3. The intro to the story s setting really hooked me because it spoke of a 16 year old boy named Benjie being sent to a children s hospital were other defective children were sent to heal In addition the hospital rests at the foot of the mountain named Tortuga which is the spanish translation of turtle When Benjie arrives at the hospital he is given a body cast because he has paralysis, so the children started to call him Tortuga because he was in a shell However he did not expect that his life at [...]

    4. While the prose was very beautiful at times, this book just didn t do it for me Perhaps, at another point in my reading journey, I will re visit it I suspect that there is great depth and symbolism in this novel, but as we re nearing the end of summer on the SE NC coast, I just wasn t in a frame of mind to work for me reading pleasure I know that must sound very low brow, but that s where I m at with it today.

    5. Imagery that you can taste, smell, and seeWhat a beautiful book On the surface, it is a story about a boy who suffers a terrible injury that leaves him paralyzed and in a body cast The book takes you on his journey of healing his body and soul This book is poetry on every page It is an homage to life itself Read it and store it s wisdom for when you are in despair for it will give you the courage to keep on going.

    6. I read this primarily for the historical perspective about Carrie Tingley Hospital upon which it s based It s a good book if you re looking for something that questions why we suffer and go through painful experiences I recommend reading the Afterword first it was written 25 years after the book was published.

    7. I loved the characters and the hospital and loved reading the parts about them especially the description of what now seems archaic medical practices The detours into magical realism didn t work for me for the most part.

    8. A beautiful story A paralyzed boy with a broken back Tortuga comes to a crippled children s hospital for the terminally ill He heals physically, mentally and emotionally during his stay He learns to love and to be accepting The language and imagery are lovely.

    9. I loved Bless Me Ultima, which I read many years ago I found this book very slow going, but it may have been not the right time to read it.

    10. Tortuga is an autobiographical novel that follows a teenage boy through his recovery from a severe spinal injury that left him partially paralyzed He enters a chidren s hospital and is immersed in a strange world full of twisted, crippled bodies, each one struggling through the aftermath of disease or injury He meets some mysterious people early on who draw him into a mystical dreamland where he is Tortuga, a turtle man, whose spiritual path is of vital importance not just to him but to his new [...]

    11. Fascinating story and part allegory about the journey of healing A young man is injured in some type of accident and is sent to a sanitarium for surgery and recovery Part poetry, dreams, reverie, and novel, this book weaves the story through the eyes of this young man, nicknamed Tortuga, the name of the Turtle Mountain that he can see from his window The cast of characters is both vivid and heartbreaking, with the voice of wisdom coming through a severely affected polio patient Bittersweet, wise [...]

    12. Rudolfo Anaya used an incident from his own youth to write this haunting story of love and redemption Tortuga is a young boy in a upper body cast and a magical mountain near the hospital for crippled children where he has gone to recover There he discovers the long road to recovery How to deal with the being crippled And the many levels and types of love This love adds to his healing in a magical way Lots of symbolism and Mexican American cultural references A magical book and a magical read

    13. I found this book disturbing and captivating all at the same time One of Anaya s true gifts is to be able to tell the story from the age point of view of his narrator He seems to be able to retrieve every emotion from that time, and present them without bias.This book was a testament to the body being far easier to heal than the indelible soul, and innocently begs the question, are there times when we just shouldn t try

    14. The book was extremely interesting The part about hearing Solomon s stories is a bit confusing because it doesn t state specifically who can actually hear Solomon, and can he actually talk or is he just reading and communicating in a magical kind of way Overall,the emotion and humor to it all is intriguing The patients there might not ever get better and well although they are completely living differently, they still live and think like any other teenager.

    15. Probably Anaya s finest book Tortuga is less well known than his first book, Bless Me Ultimate But it is deeply personal than either that book or The Heart of Aztlan, which came second Tortuga is lyrical, metaphysical, painful, spiritual, and realistic These are the elements of a great work.

    16. 3.5 stars parts of this book I really enjoyed I could appreciate the mysticism and magical realism that gave the book it s pulse, but in the end that genre really doesn t do much for me and at times left me very confused.

    17. I m getting stuck in a lot of books I think I need something light, and fairly fast paced right now I m having trouble staying focused as I read, and this one really needs that May come back to it.

    18. Really preferred Anaya s Alburquerque to this.just a bit too mystical mythical for me The setting in a permanently disabled children s institution is grim, altho the author prevails with a message of love hope.

    19. A wonderful read A very thoughtful look at a young boys struggle with recovery from serious injury with his thoughts and growth into a spiritual side of recovery Love this authors style of writing and insight into the union of all at a higher level.

    20. Loved itHighly recommended to those who are struggling, or who have struggled through life Profound questions are raised about the reasons for our lives being as they are Thought provoking and intense Mr Anaya is incredible.

    21. This is a beautifully moving book I didn t want to put it down, and even when I did, I still felt it with me Wonderful, so encompassing.

    22. Poignantally makes you think This book makes you cry and laugh in the same paragraph Descriptives you appreciate all of your blessingse strength of the tortuga

    23. This was a great book Funny and sad very real Loaned it to a student in Prescott and don t remember if I ever got it back.

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