The Sisters Mortland

The Sisters Mortland This powerful and haunting story about three sisters and a tragedy that becomes the center of their lives is from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Destiny

  • Title: The Sisters Mortland
  • Author: Sally Beauman
  • ISBN: 9780446696012
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • This powerful and haunting story about three sisters and a tragedy that becomes the center of their lives is from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Destiny.

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      Sally Beauman

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    1. Sally Beauman

      aka Vanessa JamesSally Kinsey Miles graduated from Girton College, Cambridge MA in English Literature She married Christopher Beauman an economist After graduating, she moved with her husband to the USA, where she lived for three years, first in Washington DC, then New York, and travelled extensively She began her career as a journalist in America, joining the staff of the newly launched New York magazine, of which she became associate editor, and continued to write for it after her return to England Interviewed Alan Howard for the Telegraph Magazine in 1970 in an article called A Fellow of Most Excellent Fancy Daily Telegraph Supplement, May 29th Apparently a very long interview The following year they met again, and the rest is history After a long partnership Sally and Alan married in 2004 She has one son, James, and one grandchild.Sally had a distinguished career as a journalist and critic, winning the Catherine Pakenham Award for her writing, and becoming the youngest ever editor of Queen magazine now Harper s Queen She has contributed to many leading newspapers and magazines in both the UK and the USA, including the Daily Telegraph from 1970 73 and 1976 8 she was Arts Editor of the Sunday Telegraph Magazine , the Sunday Times, Observer, Vogue, the New York Times and the New Yorker She also wrote nine Mills Boon romances under the pseudonym Vanessa James, before publishing her block buster novel Destiny in 1987 under her real name It was her article about Daphne du Maurier, commissioned by Tina Brown, and published in The New Yorker in November 1993, which first gave her the idea for writing Rebecca de Winter s version of events at Manderley an idea that subsequently became the novel, Rebecca s Tale In 2000 she was one of the Whitbread Prize judges for the best novel category.


    1. Onvan The Sisters Mortland Nevisande Sally Beauman ISBN 446696013 ISBN13 9780446696012 Dar 432 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005

    2. Where do I join the Sally Beauman fanclub I didn t know her 2 months ago and now this is the second book by her I ve read first was The Visitors and both get 5 stars from me How do I love Sally Let me count the ways 1 She can write like nobody s business ahem to coin a phrase 2 She plots her stories well with complex characters and intricate detail3 You can take the story at face value, but her themes revolve around the bigger picture of humanities brilliance, flaws and emotions4 Twice now, I ha [...]

    3. I was caught between 4 stars and 5 stars and I went with 5 stars because I love this author and her style of writing She died in 2016 and that makes me terribly sad, but fortunately she left many books behind and this is one of them I ve read the reviews on this book Many are complaining about the slow start to this book Look again it is a slow and quiet build she is a British author and one to write and explore subtle action and words and silence She is one to write about lives lived and their [...]

    4. This was quite a haunting book one of the few adult novels I ve forayed into The characters and relationships were very well done and well narrated though, and the story stayed with me a long time The Sisters Mortland is the story of, what else, three sisters, living in an abandoned English abbey There is Julia, the gorgeous, sexy eldest daughter with a wild streak Finn, the bookish middle sister with the most level personality and mind and Maisie, the youngest, who is quiet, has a mild mental d [...]

    5. I loved this book Excellently written Each character has a unique voice It s narrative by three different characters, but instead of switching back and forth, each character tells a part of the story Story line was unpredictable It was a sad story, but by the end you felt ok with how things worked out Very vivid descriptions of the various settings.

    6. At first reminiscent of Atonement, the book evolves into something different, and to me, as interesting, as McEwan s book, but without the self consciousness writerliness that distracts me in McEwan s work A working class gypsy boy grows up to become a successful but destructively driven advertising guy As a child he lives in a cottage on the threadbare estate of a family that exists on the sufferage of wealthy relatives The family has three daughters, and each of them plays an important role in [...]

    7. I wanted to really love this book The book summary set the stage for a novel I would really enjoy, alluding to a dark family tragedy that compounds already complicated relationships I expected a careful interweaving of events and people a book that was haunting in its complexity, a bit like Ethan Frome Instead, I felt that it read like a sensational tabloid that undermined its own main characters how could we like them when they treated each other and themselves so horribly and provided no real [...]

    8. Alright, y all You re going to have to read this book because I need to talk with someone about it I tore through it in no time and then had to start it over the day after I finished it just because I still had questions I still have those questions by the way, this is why I want you to read it I ve decided to put this book in my new favorite genre of novel that I just made up I m calling it neo Bronte My other favorite neo Bronte book is The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield I think neo Bron [...]

    9. I d give it two a half stars A decent way to waste some time a good airplane read, which is exactly where I read the first half of it It starts out really well The first part is narrated by Maisie, who at first glance seems to be an overly precocious 13 year old girl but you later find she s mildly autistic I found her narration intriguing I liked the setting in the old Suffolk abbey the 3 sisters the gypsies the Wild Boy in the Window so much could have been done with this This is where a bett [...]

    10. The three Mortland sisters are the focus for all the other characters The twenty years covered in the novel uncover each character s misunderstanding of what actually occurred with the resultant reparationschokengtitik

      titikchokeng302 That was what I saw, what I finally understood, when I stood looking at the painting in the gallery yesterday the three sisters, and all those dead, all those generations of the dead, who were both with them, and inside them who are beside, and inside, all of us [...]

    11. I actually have no idea what happened at the end of this book because my copy got as far as page 406 and then jumped back to page 342 But I m still counting this as having read it because by that point I kind of didn t care about any of these terrible people any I think I m just burned out on stories about financially struggling British families who randomly own crumbling centuries old ancestral castles, the rich relatives who shun them, and the people they have sex with There are a lot of those [...]

    12. One of the best choices I have ever made in the bought it randomly because it was a bargain book and looked intriguing category The first portion is set in 1967 narrated by a 13 year old girl, while the rest of the book is set 20 years later as the characters grapple with unravelling the events of that ultimately tragic summer Interesting character studies and suspenseful though not quite a mystery Also randomly this is about the 5th book I have read this year set in part in the decaying estate [...]

    13. At a certain point in this book I had to accept that I wasn t going to receive the answers I was hoping for I found that frustrating but strangely cathartic This book is life although, I will agree with another reviewer who stated that an event in the last 100 pages was a bit too extraordinary and in life events happen to which we never discover the why Sally Beauman is a beautiful writer The way she uses language is stunning I loved immersing myself in the world she created and now that I ve fi [...]

    14. Crappy book When I first started reading this book, I thought I hit the jackpot The first quarter of the book is written from the perspective of a little girl and I really enjoyed it Then it switches gears and is writted from the perspective of one of the male figures in the beginning of the book That s where the book goes from great to crappy The character is impossible to like and I couldn t wait for the stupid story to end

    15. I always enjoy Sally Beauman s books Her characters are all so wonderfully flawed, and there is always some sort of scandal underlying everything.This book begins by following 13 year old, autistic Maisie, having her portrait painted at her family home in Suffolk Maisie gives us some insight into her family history, including a glimpse into the lives of her mother, her two sisters and the boys they get involved with, and the ghostly nuns that only she can see The book skips suddenly 20 years ahe [...]

    16. 12 26 06 I loved this book It s a wonder to me why it s not well known I read a review of it on Bookreporter in the U.S it s called The Sisters Mortland and thought it sounded interesting It s a hard book to describe, I think, or at least to write my thoughts without spoiling anything It drew me in almost from the beginning and throughout the whole thing, you get this undercurrent of mystery and intrigue, and you re waiting to see what will be revealed I would also say that I enjoyed the first [...]

    17. This is an unusual book and I realize that it would not be everyone s cup of tea It is somewhat depressing and atmospheric and the end leaves you with questions than answers Yet the writing completely immersed me into the setting and lives of the characters, allowing me to experience the tragedy that occurred one fateful summer and all the torment and brokenness that it brought with it I listened to the audio version and LOVED every minute of the narration as performed by Robert Glenister and S [...]

    18. This story started out strong when the narrative was by Maisie, the youngest of the three sisters I was losing some interest towards the middle, when the narrative was by Dan At times during his story, it got a little too wordy, and allowed my thoughts to wander By the end I was expecting some answers and, although, you did get some secrets revealed, there was one event that I really wanted the answer to I found the story interesting, however, and enjoyed the telling of the past than I did of t [...]

    19. Every character in this book is keeping secrets Twenty years after tragedy hits the Mortland family, the truth about the accident, and all the family secrets, start to unravel, almost to the point that the reader feels out of control When I started this book i felt I had stepped into a Jane Austen novel It was interesting enough, but then this pleasant story slowly started taking some dark turns, and didn t stop until the whole thing was over I believe my mouth was a gap when I finished While ot [...]

    20. This book reminded me a bit of Atonement, different narrators telling the story and who knows where the truth really lies Sally Beuman is an excellent story teller and her use of the tarot to flesh this novel out was intriguing Her descriptions of the abbey and Suffolk, England are very precise A bit long, a bit confusing but all in all a good read I definetly will go back and read another of Ms Beuman s books.

    21. The Sisters Mortland titolo originale The Landscape of Love, apparentemente una citazione da Rilke, titolo italiano Ritratto di ragazza ricorda vagamente I Capture the Castle una famiglia di origini nobili e ricche, impoverita ed eccentrica, risiede in un ex convento decisamente bisognoso di riparazioni Le citazioni presenti in questo romanzo sono molteplici, per l atmosfera decisamente originalebertabookshelf 2

    22. The Landscape of Love is a compelling novel with a complex plot about three sisters from a dysfunctinal family The story flicks between three narrators, time periods and revolves around misconceptions, betrayals, secrets and a tragic incident that occurs one hot summer day Even though the book has an unhappy ending, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it I found the novel s mysteries much alluring and captivating Definately a book worth reading.

    23. This is possibly the best book I ve ever read A solid 5 at the very least Relationships sisters, parents and children, boys and girls, men and women, communities The same event interpreted by different characters Much to ponder Much to talk about Definitely worth another read or two or three

    24. I was equal parts frustrated and enthralled with this book Dozens of times throughout the book I d get to the point of closing it because it was starting to feel a little slow and disjointed then the clever author would toss me a little something, a little clue to something bigger, that d have me frantically turning pages I couldn t put it down until it was finished so that says plenty

    25. I was desperate for some fiction to keep me company at 2 a.m when sleep is elusive and econ books make my brain work, rather than allowing it to relax In my desperation I turned to the recommendations page It recommended The Sisters Mortland, so I gave it a try I m glad I did This would make a great airplane or beach read.

    26. A book written from several points of view, disturbing in its slow evolution of a story of many characters, shows us we all have misconceptions of how things happen Not perfect, too wordy at times but the characters still had me intrigued This is the same book as The Sisters Mortland

    27. It was intriguing, and I liked the mysterious ending that makes you draw your own conclusions It was a little intense in places I love the switches in narrators Each narrator gives you details and insight and perspective.

    28. This is a very well written and thought out novel that keeps you wanting I read it in a day because it was so suspenseful Haunty plot line and multi layered characters I was a little offended by the language, but the great plot balanced it out.

    29. The Landscape of Love The Sisters MortlandRating 4.5 stars Beautifully written, haunting and gripping right till the end Reminds me a bit of The Distant Hours and The House at Riverton both by Kate Morton.

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