I, Mage Part 1

I Mage Part A Scientific mission to study a primitive world of magic encounters catastrophe All aboard escape in life podsl except one boy With the protection of a robot an apprentice and her quirky mentor Kai

  • Title: I, Mage Part 1
  • Author: Gary Turner Carlos E. Gómez Mel Bontrager
  • ISBN: 9781632291554
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Scientific mission to study a primitive world of magic encounters catastrophe All aboard escape in life podsl except one boy With the protection of a robot, an apprentice, and her quirky mentor, Kai must survive the savagery of dragons, warriors, and the all powerful Overq sai long enough to return home.

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    1. An interesting technology meets a world of magic story feels kinda like a traditional tabletop DD campaign with a Star Trek character being dropped in, haha Fun so far, and the world building is neat Looks like the villain is a hero who s taking things to VERY extreme extremes, which is a refreshing twist on the evil overlord thing I d definitely like to read

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